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Face 08 Precision Powder Brush

Precision powder brush with synthetic fibers

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    Brush for applying powder-based products, such as face powders, blushes and highlighters. Ideal for adding the finishing touch to make-up.

    The brush’s unique shape ensures a precise and controlled application and allows you to easily define and sculpt facial features. 

    The synthetic bristles collect just the right amount of product for an even, smooth look. The soft, smooth bristles are of the highest quality and delicately caress the skin.

    The brush's matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look, whereas the ferrule with its gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application.


    The soft, perfectly calibrated bristles make it a breeze to blend face powders. The brush is also suitable for contouring.


    To apply the texture, collect some product with the tip of the brush. 

    To sculpt the face, collect some powder with the tapered part of the brush and apply it on the jaws, temples and lower part of the cheekbones. To highlight the face, collect the product with the tip of the brush and blend it on the upper part of the cheekbones, the nose, the chin and in the center of the forehead.


    Clean the brush with the KIKO Brush Cleanser and let it dry in a horizontal position.


    The bristles are designed to not absorb the product but release it completely onto the skin, ensuring a precise and flawless application.

    When applying the product, the synthetic fibers maintain their compact shape for a uniform finish.


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  1. 12/10/2018


    Recomiendo 100%

    A mí me lo recomendo una esteticien y estoy encantada con el resultado.
  2. 25/08/2018


    pennello must

    Molto morbido, si pulisce velocemente e riesce a stendere la giusta quantità di prodotto, sfumandolo bene grazie alla sua forma che si adatta perfettamente allo zigomo. Bellissima anche l'idea della personalizzazione, ottima come idea regalo
  3. 30/07/2018


    Veramente ottimo

    Morbidissimo e preciso. Lo uso per applicare blush, terre o ciprie, mi piace tanto
  4. 30/07/2018



    Ha setole morbidissima, applica blush e bronzer in maniera ottima... È proprio una coccola
  5. 18/04/2018



    Lo uso con la cipria in polvere ed è ottimo
  6. 24/06/2017



    This brush is fabulous.. So soft and luxurious, and hold plenty of product.. The size is perfect; not too small and not too large. Cleans up beautifully and it has become my new favorite powder brush..
  7. 14/02/2017


    Ottimo pennello

    Possiedo altri pennelli con questa forma a fiamma questo è all'altezza di strumenti per trucco professionali. Le setole sono soffici e ben tagliate, abbastanza fitte da permettere un'applicazione ben sfumata di prodotti in polvere. La misura è giusta. Non è troppo grande ed è ben appuntito. L'impugnatura è schiacciata e funzionale. Ottima la resa dopo i lavaggi.
  8. 09/01/2017


    C'est LE pinceau à avoir

    Enfin un pinceau qui va dans les recoins de notre visage ! Les poils sont doux, ne bougent pas, parfait pour les applications des poudres et de la poudre matifiante KIKO transparente !
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