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Bouchra Dibe, a young singer with a passion for music, has chosen to use KIKO Milano make-up in her debut single, "Blanc ou Noir".
In the video, Bouchra features stunning street make-up. To achieve the look, she used products both from the standard KIKO range and from the Neo Noir limited edition collection inspired by the allure of the colour black.
The KIKO foundation provides a smooth, uniform complexion. Bronzer, blush and highlighters grant colour and splendor. The rich tones of the Neo Noir eyeshadows, together with eyeliner and mascara, give her a sensual, sultry look. Her lips are full, enhanced by the new, matte Velvet Passion lipsticks.

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  • 64 reviews
    6 Tone
    01 Natural Rose
    Buildable blush containing three colours
    01 Natural Rose
    EUR 8.95

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  • 29 reviews
    14 Tone
    02 Pink Tangerine
    Automatic eye pencil for the waterline and lash line
    02 Pink Tangerine
    EUR 6.95

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  • 78 reviews
    6 Tone
    Poudre compacte au fini mat naturel

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  • 18 reviews

    Mascara effet allongeant pour des cils instantanément longs et définis

    EUR 9,95

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  • 296 reviews
    29 Tone
    301 Beige
    Rouge à lèvres confortable, couleur mate
    301 Beige
    EUR 4,85 EUR 6,95 - 30 %

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