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Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation

Moisturizing and emollient fluid foundation

Warm Rose 30

Warm Rose 30


    Hydration and softness with a fluid foundation ideal for all skin types.


    With a pliable consistency and surprisingly natural effect, Universal Fit blends perfectly into your skin. Facial features appear smoother and skin appears soft and even all day long. Its medium-high coverage is easy buildable. The formula has been enriched with a mix of moisturizing and emollient active ingredients and a multi-action vegetable complex to protect skin from environmental stresses that cause aging. Clinical trials show that skin hydration is improved after just 7 days of using the product*. Some of Universal Fit's raw ingredients also capture and amplify the light to minimize imperfections. 



    The creamy, fresh and long lasting texture glides onto the skin with a velvety feel for instant comfort and a sensation of pleasant lightness on the face. 


    Ideal for all skin types, Universal Fit has 20 colour shades, making it even more versatile and suitable for every skin tone.


    Dermatologically tested = formulated to ensure  minimum instance of allergic reactions. 

    Non comedogenic. 

    Fragrance free. 


    * Clinical and instrumental tests


    Hydrated, soft and  vibrant skin. The complexion appears even, bright and smooth with totally natural results. The super comfortable formula can be applied evenly and adheres perfectly to the  face for coverage all day long.


    After your usual skin care treatment program, apply the KIKO primer most suited to your complexion, then blend Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation onto the face and neck with a sponge or a brush specifically for fludi foundation.


    How to determine the ideal colour of Universal Fit Foundation for your skin:


    1.    Recognize your skin's undertone: PINK, NEUTRAL OR YELLOW

    2.    Identify the undertone family that corresponds to your needs: 

    COOL ROSE (CR): suitable for skin with a cool pinkish undertone that has visible capillaries.

    WARM ROSE (WR): suitable for skin with a warm pinkish undertone.

    NEUTRAL (N): suitable for skin with a neutral undertone (neither pink nor yellow).

    WARM BEIGE (WB): suitable for skin with a warm undertone which has a tendency to look yellow.

    3.    Select your intensity, shown in tens progressing from the lightest colour to the darkest.


    Universal Fit Foundation has a new colour classification that makes it easier to identify the ideal shade for your complexion. The table shows the correspondence between the new and current numbering and the matches with the Natural Concealer colours.


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    Accessible beauty thanks to a wide variety of products available at reasonable prices: choose the best product for your needs amongst a vast range of colours and endless possibilities and effects.

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    All KIKO products are subjected to strict analytical and clinical trials to provide products that are both safe and dermatologically tested.

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Reviews (387)
Based on 48 votes
  1. 27/04/2018

    L. S

    Excellent foundation and coverage (Neutral 30)

    The one I personally like is the shade "Neutral 30" and it offers great coverage for a very natural look. You do not need a lot of foundation on the sponge as it offers good even coverage. So I do hope Kiko Cosmetics will restock soon as this item appears to be unavailable for purchase for quite some time.
  2. 24/04/2018


    Super !

    Fond de teint très fluide, bonne couvrance, unifié et lisse le grain de peau. N'étouffe pas la peau. Texture hyper agréable et frais. Je le recommande.
  3. 13/04/2018


    5 stelle meritate

    Devo essere sincera i fondotinta di kiko non mi hanno mai entusiasmato.. Ma da quando é uscito il brand devo dire che hanno fatto progressi. Ho comprato questo prodotto incuriosita oltre dal prezzo ma anche dal fatto che é il the best Usa . .. ho preso la tonalità un po’ piu scura per avere un effetto un po’ abbronzato.. sono rimasta sbalordita. Stupendo. Idratante e Copre anche le piccole imperfezioni.
  4. 12/04/2018



    Крем шикарный, ложится тонким слоем и впитываясь совершенно не виден на лице. Не знаю у кого как, но мне кажется что маскирует отлично. Главное оттенок подобрать правильно.
  5. 10/04/2018


    Excellent produit à un prix plus qu'abordable

    Economique car peu cher, et il ne faut pas utiliser beaucoup de produit pour une belle couvrance, une noisette suffit ! De plus même le fond de teint s'étale facilement en laissant peu de traces et suffit pour cacher les défauts. J'utilise le warm rose 30, car j'ai la peau claire.
  6. 07/04/2018


    Тональный крем

    Легкий приятный тональный крем, хорошо маскирует... Не блестит в течение дня, купила 2 разных тона. Осталась довольна! Упаковано все отлично, доставка 3 дня до СПб!
  7. 05/04/2018


    On adore!

    C'est un fond de teint que j'ai adopté des les premières applications. Il ne fait aucune traces et tâches sur le visage. Il a améliorer le grain de ma peau car les fond de teints de grande surfaces étouffer ma peau et la graisser à en avoir des boutons. Pas besoin d'en appliquer beaucoup. C'est un produit que je recommande sans hésitation. Un très bon. Rapport qualité prix... C'est une évidence !
  8. 22/03/2018


    Veramente ottimo

    Copre benissimo. Mi sono trovata bene
  9. 16/03/2018

    Maila Luana

    Molto buono

    prodotto otima qualita.
  10. 12/03/2018



    è proprio magica questa .copre bene.
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