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Eyes 200

Rounded eye brush

xEUR 4.95 EUR 9.90 - 50 %

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Eyes 200

EUR 4.95 EUR 9.90 - 50 %

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    Rounded eye brush specifically for blending compact, baked and loose eyeshadows. Natural and synthetic bristles bring together the best qualities of both fibers. The soft, elastic hair is extremely comfortable and secure to prevent bristle loss. While applying eye make-up, bristles pick up eyeshadow perfectly to distribute evenly without spillage. The brush's compact form allows it to perfectly follow the shape of your eyes, especially around the fold of the lid. The brush enhances plays on textures and helps to achieve perfect make-up and flawless blending. Ideal for applying both light and dark eyeshadows. Light and durable, the metal cap is made from antioxidized materials. A matte black wood handle lends the brush an elegant and professional look. 


    The bristles are high quality, elastic and set perfectly in line. The brush's dense, rounded shape allows for precision blending and beautiful eyeshadow application along the eye fold. 


    Instantly loved by both make-up artists and beginners alike, this brush guarantees professional blending even in the most untrained hands.


    To apply darker shades take a small amount of eyeshadow, tap the brush to remove any excess product and place the tip of the brush in the outside corner of the eye. Do not apply pressure.


    Next blend inwards, following the fold between the upper and lower eyelid.


    Continue by applying a lighter shade starting from the inner eyelid and blending it under the eyebrow and upper eyelid for fantastic results.


    Clean the brush using KIKO Brush Cleanser and let it dry horizontally.


    Natural and synthetic hair
    Natural Hair

    Particularly suitable for blending loose powders or compact versions of bronzers, blushes, powders and eyeshadows. The special shape of bristles, smooth in the center with small 'scales' on the outside, enables the product to be picked up and released gradually and evenly onto the face and eyes, ensuring a perfect, blended result.
    Synthetic Hair
    Intended mainly for fluid and cream products.  Thanks to the smooth surface and soft bristles,  product is not absorbed. Instead, it is fully released onto the skin, guaranteeing precise and flawless application.
    The synthetic fibers tend to stay compact and do not open out during use, giving an even finish.

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  1. 02/11/2016



  2. 14/05/2016



    Au bout de quelques utilisations les poils s'écartent rapidement et il devient énorme,je pensais qu'en le lavant cela s'arrangerait mais non c'est encore pire...je ne conseille pas du tout ! Bien trop large pour pouvoir floutter correctement sauf si on veut du fard partout ! C'est vraiment un flop pour moi heureusement je l'avais acheté en promo car je ne m'en sers déjà plus....
  3. 27/04/2016



    Utilisé propre pour fondre les lignes du maquillage ou avec du produit, il permet toujours un rendu parfait et extrêmement bien fondu; si vous voulez un maquillage réussi, ce pinceau est vraiment nécessaire. Excellent rapport qualité prix, je ne m'en séparerai plus, pour rien au monde. Il supporte très bien les lavages, même avec du savon, normalement pas trop fait pour ça.
  4. 24/04/2016



    Il pennello in se non è male ma sicuramente non è adatto a sfumare gli ombretti in quanto è molto grande e quindi non riesce a su mare in una zona molto piccola come la piega dell' occhio e quasi più adatto a sfumare il blush visto la sua ampiezza
  5. 14/04/2016


    Great for blending

    My holy grail blending brush for eyeshadows.
  6. 26/02/2016


    Delusione pura

    Già dal secondo lavaggio si è deformato e punge da morire... non lo consiglio
  7. 15/02/2016



    Très bon pinceau estompeur, ne perd pas ses poils. C'est l'allié des maquillages bien faits.
  8. 01/02/2016



    All'inizio mi sembrava un po' duro e pungente ma con l'uso e i lavaggi si è ammorbidito. Impugnatura comoda, setole non molto fitte adatto a sfumature ampie e soft. Preso al 30% è conveniente, a prezzo pieno è un po' caro.
  9. 19/01/2016


    Brochas de 10

    Me encanta esta brocha para difuminar las sombras, es lo mejor
  10. 13/01/2016



    La brocha por excelencia para difuminar.
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