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step 1

Apply Lip Base Primer and outline the central part of the lip contour with the Automatic Precision Lip Liner 505 (Red).



Outline the outer corners with Automatic Precision Lip Liner 508 (Dark Crimson), carefully joining up the line with the one traced around the center of the lips.


step 3

Blend the line with Brush Lips 300: starting from the center of upper lip, continue with the center of the lower lip then finally blend the outer corners. Clean the brush between each step.


step 4

Apply the Unlimited Stylo 12 (Burgundy) with Brush Lips 300 in the outer corners of the lips, leaving the center free.


step 5

Apply Unlimited Stylo 07 (Cherry Red) in the center of the lips and, with Brush Lips 300, blend the point where the two lipstick colours overlap.


step 6

Apply 3D Instant Volume Lipgloss 205 (Candy Rose) in the center of the lips and blend it towards the outer corners with Brush Lips 300.