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Unlimited Double Touch

Long-lasting (12 hours*) liquid lipstick with a bright finish in a two-step application

101 Soft Rose

101 Soft Rose

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    Long-lasting two-step liquid lipstick: an extraordinary combination of base colours and lip gloss with an intense and radiant finish. The colour is set onto the lips for a result that lasts up to 12 hours*.

    Base colour: the formula, enriched with a combination of film-like polymers, ensures maximum comfort, optimum adherence to the lips and even colour. Smudge proof, with a very quick drying time.

    Lip gloss: the softening action formula gives the lips a bright and radiant finish. 

    Even and smooth-gliding application. 

    The packaging comes with two applicators suited to different textures: the flocked base colour applicator ensures high precision coverage, while the fibre lip gloss applicator guarantees that the right amount of product is used. The design is functional, elegant and easily distinguishable thanks to the KK monogram positioned in the centre of the metal grip.

    Available in numerous super-trendy shades.


    Dermatologically tested.

    * Clinical and instrumental test


    Bright, radiant finish. The lips feel soft and shine with bright colour. Hold of up to 12 hours*.


    For perfect lips:

    1) Apply the colour base to cleansed, moisturized lips. Wait a minute to allow the liquid lipstick to dry completely.

    2) Apply the lip gloss on top of the colour base for an extra-shiny result.

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  1. 07/03/2019


    Unlimited Double Touch

    I absolutely love this lipstick! I'm always sceptical when a lip product says that it will stay put for up to 12 hours so I was seriously surprised and very happy when this actually did last all day on me! Especially since I have a bad habit of licking my lips! Will definitely buy this in more colours and have already recommended to my friends.
  2. 20/02/2019


    Лучшая из лучших

    Помада очень крутая, не реально стойкая,никогда не думала что вообще такое возможно,она не стирается даже после умывания с мылом , после мицелярной воды, а так же после поцелуев,что не мало важно.Я перепробовала достаточно много помад из люкса и других,все они то сушили губы и были не достаточно стойкими,а данная помада просто идеальна,буду пробовать и другие оттенки)))
  3. 22/01/2019



    У меня возрастная сухая кожа. С помадой одно мучение. Стойкие сушат, остальные-на 2 часа максимум. Об этой помаде прочитала отзыв в irrecomended. Решила проверить. Очень довольна! Конечно, если есть что-то жирное, к вечеру цвет в основном на 3 мм вдоль кромки губ. Но при этом они не сухие! А, если питаться поаккуратнее, губы выглядят вполне презентабельно. А уж в течение 4-5 часов- просто гарантированный эффект! Причем здесь есть мой любимый цвет (№103). А излишний (для меня) глянец через 30-40 минут проходит.
  4. 15/01/2019


    Excellent lipstick!

    I have never liked wearing lipstick because they always wear off and look patchy. Other long-wearing lipstick dries out your lips, and these don't. You may need to reapply the gloss halfway through the day but that's it. They are simply amazing. I love 103 and 104. Absolutely perfect natural shades. Please never discontinue this line!
  5. 07/01/2019



    Satin Ruby Red is beatiful and is really unlimited...lasts for all day long.
  6. 07/01/2019



    Satin Ruby Red is beatiful and is really unlimited...lasts for all day long.
  7. 11/12/2018



    so amazing
  8. 11/12/2018


    long lasting

    103 natural rose colour is beautiful
  9. 10/12/2018



    Nice and suitable color, really love it, valuable product.
  10. 25/11/2018


    Long lasting lipstick

    Oh, la, la! I'm an addict to this lipstick! 4 years in a row & I'm loving it, ordering each time running low! Its one & only for me! 5 stars in the rating isnt enough to describe how great this product is!!!!
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