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Apply Perfect Base Corrector on the face and neck. Even out the complexion by applying the foundation best suited for your skin type. Sculpt the facial features with Beach Babe Bronzer, drawing a "3" with the Face 102 brush. Apply onto the cheekbones the Double Deco Blush (03 Kissimmee) with the Face 103 brush. Use the blush’s lighter shade to highlight above the cheekbones, the nose, chin and forehead.



Outline and thicken the eyebrows with the Precision Eyebrow Pencil. Brush and seal the eyebrow make-up with Eyebrow Designer. Blend Eye Base Primer onto the eyelids with the Eyes 203 brush. Conceal dark circles with Dark Circle Tone Eraser, using the Face 108 brush. Eliminate signs of fatigue around the eyes by applying and blending Dark Circle Concealer with the Eye 108 brush. Spread over the entire eyelid the Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow (14 Pearly Electric Blue) with the Eyes 206 brush, creating a short, thick tail at the corner of the eye. With Miami Click Slick Eyeliner (01 Glamorous Gold) outline only the inner lower lash line. Using the colour 04 Aureus Tourquaise continue the line to the outer corner of the eye. Apply onto the lashes Power Pop Mascara (02 Electric Blue).



Blend onto the lips the Lip Base Primer with the Lips 300 brush. Outline the lip contour with Smart Lip Pencil (709 Magenta). Apply onto the lips the Deco Delight Lipstick 06 (Margarita Dreams) - with the Lips 300 brush.