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Apply Perfect Base Corrector on the face and neck. Even out your complexion by applying the foundation best suited to your skin type. Conceal dark circles under the eyes with the Dark Circle Tone Eraser using the Face n. 108 brush. With the same brush, apply and blend Dark Circle Concealer around the eyes to erase signs of fatigue. Using the Face n. 102 brush, sculpt the face with the bronzer provided in Love Elixir Face Powder. Apply to the cheekbones the lighter pink blush contained in the Love Elixir Face Powder to the cheekbones, using Face n. 103 brush.



Blend Eye Base Primer on the eyelids with Eyes n. 203 brush. Apply High Pigment Eyeshadow n.03 - Satin Peach - to the eyelids with Eyes n. 202 brush. Draw a thin line along the upper lashes with the kajal pencil included in the Eyes Of Love Mascara And Kajal Kit. Use the Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner to trace a line that extends beyond the eye’s outer corner. Colour the waterline with the kajal pencil of the Eyes Of Love Mascara And Kajal Kit. Illuminate the inner corner of the eye with the pearly part of the Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil. Create well-shaped brows with Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil. Accentuate the eyes using the mascara from the Eyes of Love Mascara and Kajal Kit.



Dab Lip Base Primer to the lips. Apply the Invisible Lip Liner pencil along the outer line of the lip contour. Apply the Endless Love Lip Pencil n. 02 – Dinky Magenta - and then blend it in with Lips n. 300 brush. Apply the lipstick Endless Love Lipstick n. 02 - Dinky Magenta - and blend using Lips n. 300 brush.