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Seeking inspiration to create a retro make-up look yet with a modern-day twist? You’ve come to the right place! Follow our advice and let your creativity run wild: let yourself be transported by the pop revolution vibrations!



- Provide the face and eye contour with a boost of hydration by applying Smart Hydra Shot Cream and Smart Hydra Shot Eye Gel.
- Prep skin for make-up application with Pop Revolution Blurring Primer, applying it to your face using the sponge included in our Pop Revolution Blender Kit.
- Even out your complexion with our Full Coverage 2in1 Foundation, choosing the shade that best suits your face.
- Camouflage imperfections and discolouration with our Full Coverage Concealer, opting for the shade that works best with your skin tone.
- Enliven your complexion by applying Blush To Go 01 to cheeks using the practical built-in applicator.
- Define facial features and add a touch of radiance with Pop Revolution 2 in 1 Bronzer & Highlighter.
- Bestow light upon the face and provide skin with a radiant glow by applying Pop Revolution Highlighter To Go to cheekbones, chin, the bridge of the nose and eyebrow arch.



- Apply Eye Base Primer to lids.
- Using the rounded tip of our Pop Revolution Double-Ended Eye Brush, apply and blend the darkest shade from Pop Revolution Eyeshadow Palette 03 all over the lid; next, apply the lightest shade from Pop Revolution Eyeshadow Palette 02 to the inner corner of the eye.
- Using Pop Revolution Eye Pencil 04, draw a sinuous line along the upper lash line, starting from the outer corner of the eye and working inwards. Repeat the same step on the lower lash line, ensuring that the two external extremities intersect to create a wing. Lightly blend using the slanted tip of Pop Revolution Double-Ended Eye Brush.
- Apply COLOUR KAJAL 02 to the waterline.
- Complete your eye look with a coat of Maxi Mod Mascara.



- Apply a special primer such as our Nude Blur Lip Base and make lips truly irresistible with a layer of Pop Revolution Lipgloss 04.


Cushion Blush

A healthy glow, instantly revitalised complexion...

Colour Kajal

Make your eyes centre stage..

Eyebrow Expert Palette

“all in one” palette for eyebrows..