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Summer Party Look

The season for poolside parties and beach aperitifs at sunset has officially - and finally - began! Looking for make-up ideas to stand out on summer evenings?
Focus on a statement eye make-up look such as that flaunted by @kay.morello and create a radiant warm-toned smokey eye in just a few steps.
Choose the shades that best suit you or match them to your outfit: ever tried earthy tones? The High Pigment Earthy Shades eyeshadows are perfect for all iris colours and are ideal for brightening your gaze.

1. To ensure that your eye-make stays flawless and that your eyeshadow performs for that coveted ‘wow’ effect, apply an eyeshadow primer to lids.
2. Apply the lighter shade of eyeshadow to your mobile lid.
3. In the outer and inner corner of the eye, apply and blend the darker shade outwards using a designated eye brush.
4. Apply the darker shade of eyeshadow below the lower lash line and softly blend using a fine-tipped brush.
5. Apply kajal to the waterline: choose a shade that complements the eyeshadows that you have used or opt for a darker and more decisive colour to add depth to the eyes.
6. Finish with black mascara (or coloured for a twist on your look) to provide your lashes with the appearance of added volume and definition.
MUA tip
Make your eye make-up truly dazzling by highlighting the inner corners of the eyes and applying Glitter Shower Eyeshadow for a shimmery multi-reflective smokey eye.
Now, let the party begin!

High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow


Highly pigmented eyeshadow for wet and dry use

01 Matte White Milk Change color
    High Pigment Wet And Dry Eyeshadow 01
    High Pigment Wet And Dry Eyeshadow 01

    Choose your colour

    Neutral Eye Base

    Neutral Eye Base


    Tone-neutralizing eye base that sets and improves the hold of your eyeshadow

    Neutral Eye Base

    Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow 13


    Baked eyeshadow duo for wet and dry use

    Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow 13
    Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow 13

    Eyes 54 Smoky Shader Brush


    Smoky eye brush with natural fibers

    Eyes 54 Smoky Shader Brush

    Colour Kajal


    Kohl pencil for the inner eye

    01 Black Change color
    • 01 Black
    • 02 White
    • 03 Butter
    • 04 Rose
    • 05 Brown
    • 06 Iris
    • 07 Turquoise
    • 08 Forest Green
    • 09 Blue
    • 10 Purple
    • 11 Bordeaux
    Colour Kajal 01
    Colour Kajal 01

    Choose your colour

    Smart Colour Mascara - 01

    Smart Colour Mascara


    Panoramic volume-effect coloured mascara

    01 Metallic Purple Change color
    • 01 Metallic Purple
    • 02 Electric Blue
    • 04 Warm Brown
    • 05 Metallic Burgundy
    • 06 Pearly Anthracite
    • 07 Navy Blue - NEW
    • 08 Jungle Green - NEW
    • 09 Black - NEW
    Smart Colour Mascara - 01

    Choose your colour

    Glitter Shower Eyeshadow


    High-coverage glitter eyeshadow

    01 Silver Champagne Change color
    • 01 Silver Champagne
    • 02 Golden Rose
    • 03 Grape Topaz
    • 04 Gold Baroque
    • 05 Enchanted Forest
    • 06 Sparkling Graphite
    Glitter Shower Eyeshadow 01
    Glitter Shower Eyeshadow 01

    Choose your colour

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