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At times the main aim of wearing makeup is to...well, disappear! There are certain occasions, such as days spent at school or uni, where the perfect look can be achieved with just a few ingredients mixed together well.
To achieve a natural makeup effect that’s ready in just a few short minutes, you just need to follow a few steps (and tips). Make sure you do your homework, especially when it comes to taking care of your skin and bringing out your beauty like @ _joybre_!
- CLEANSE your face delicately. Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s the starting point for any beautiful look. To make this step more invigorating, use the Pure Clean Foam: a mousse that cleanses and purifies your face. What makes it different? The special dispenser mixes air with the texture of the product, transforming it into a light foam to massage onto damp skin. And let’s not forget that it’s also scented with sweet notes of magnolia, peach and sandalwood.
- HYDRATE your skin the smart way. Try the practical Smart Hydrashot Stick, which offers a cooling moisturising treatment for your face and eyes and leaves your skin feeling immediately fresh. You can carry it with you at all times and apply it in between lessons to give your skin a boost.
- COVER UP BLEMISHES AND EVEN OUT with the Smart Hydrating Foundation, the second-skin effect moisturising and evening liquid foundation It guarantees a natural finish and you won’t even need to think about touch-ups.
-REVITALISE YOUR COMPLEXION by using a blush that’s perfectly adapted to your skin tone and a bronzer to sculpt your face. With your brush in hand, you can have both in arm’s reach if you opt for the Smart Blush And Bronzer Palette, available in various shades of pink and peach.
MUA top tip
NEVER FORGET YOUR MASCARA. It’s an absolute essential for your backpack: in just one quick move, you can transform your look from “barely awake” to “ready to take on the world” with a bat of your lashes. For that rich, volume-enhancing effect and full lashes that stand out, you need the Standout Volume Mascara.


Smart Hydrashot Stick

Smart Hydrashot Stick


Rapid hydration stick for face and eyes

Smart Hydrashot Stick

Smart Hydrating Foundation


Moisturising and evening liquid foundation

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    Smart Hydrating Foundation 01 - WR 01
    Smart Hydrating Foundation 01 - WR 01

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    Standout Volume Mascara


    Rich volume-enhancing effect mascara, for full and accentuated lashes

    Standout Volume Mascara
    Standout Volume Mascara
    €   45,75

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