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Brush on the Smooth Base. Apply two coats of Nail Lacquer 279 (Yellow) on all the nails and allow to dry. Cut the tape according to the geometric lines to be created on the nails. Apply the tape and brush on two coats of Nail Lacquer 503 (Ginger Pink) on the surface of the nail left uncovered by the tape. Remove the tape, spray with Nail Polish Fixer to accelerate the drying process and apply the 3 IN 1 SHINE top coat to increase hold and shine.



Apply the Kiko foundation and concealer best suited to the skin type. Brush on Soft Light Powder with the brush Face 102.
 Apply a thin layer of Bronzer Powder on the cheekbones using Face 103.



Apply Eye Base Primer on the eyelids with the Eyes 203.
 Moisten the brush Eyes 206 then apply Infinity Eyeshadow 258 (Mat Yellow) on the mobile and fixed eyelids up to the arch of the eyebrows. Apply Infinity Eyeshadow 227 (Satin Baby Pink) on the eyebrows using the brush Eyes 213.
 Draw a line with Definition Eyeliner along the upper lash line. Apply Longeyes Plus Active mascara



Apply Ultra Glossy Stylo Spf 15 802 (Nude).