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Apply Perfect Base Corrector to the face and neck. Give the complexion an even look by applying the foundation most suited to your skin type. To brighten the face, apply Soft Focus Concealer along the lower eye contour, on the bridge of the nose and on the cheekbones.
Fix by blending Soft Light Powder over the T-zone with the Face 102 brush.
Dab Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush 02 (Coral Rose) onto the cheekbones and blend with your fingertips making circular movements.



Blend Infinity Trio Eyeshadow 04 (Gradation Green) over the entire eyelid using Brush Eyes 213. Keeping the eye open, apply blue Flag Glam Body Jewels to the inner eye corner near the nose. To light up the eyes, apply silver Flag Glam Body Jewels to the center of the upper eyelid, following the line of the eyelid fold. Apply red Flag Glam Body Jewels to the outer corner of the eyelid fold. To lengthen the eyes, finish by creating a line from the outer corner of your eye that rises up to the end of your eyebrow.



Apply Breezy Shine Lipgloss 04 (Fire Red) to make your lips hydrated and radiant.