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Prepare the base by applying Face Skin Glow to enhance the skin's brightness.
Give the complexion an even look by applying the KIKO foundation most suited to your skin type. Apply Soft Focus Concealer onto the bridge of the nose, the dimple above the lips, under the eyebrow arch and along the eye contour to enhance the points of light on the face.
Blend Rock Attraction Bronzer 02 (Loud Tan) with the Boulevard Rock Face Brush along the temples and under the cheekbone, drawing a 'C' shape with circular movements. Apply Rock Attraction Blush 01 (Pearly Rock) with Boulevard Rock Face Brush onto the cheekbones, applying the colour from the outside inwards and blending it with circular movements.



Use the thin tipped end of the Boulevard Rock Eyes Brush to apply Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow 106 (Custom Sugar Green) to the inner corner of the eye. Draw a clear outline around the eye contour, joining the line together between the upper and lower eyelid so as to create a focal point of light. Apply Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow 107 (Inspiration Emerald) from the center of the eyelid up to the outer corner of the eye, applying the colour with the wide tip and synthetic bristles of the Boulevard Rock Eyes Brush.  Outline the lower lash line, applying Colour Shock Long Lasting Eyeshadow 107 (Inspiration Emerald) with the thin tip of the Boulevard Rock Eyes Brush so as to create clean, graphic edges.



Dab Glow Touch Lips&Cheeks 104 (Magnetic Mauve) onto lips, applying more intensely in the corners to create a sophisticated effect.



Apply two layers of Denim Nail Lacquer 462 (Tribal Purple) to create a modern, denim effect manicure.