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New Unlimited Stylo and Double Touch Lipsticks

Your favorite must-have colours of the following collections are now back in stock and available online: Unlimited Double Touch and New Unlimited Stylo.

Your smile lights up with colour, thanks to the long-lasting Unlimited Stylo creamy lipstick with a semi-matte finish, available in 19 amazing colours.

In addition, Unlimited Double Touch lipstick with its bright finish highlights the lips’ sensuality. This liquid lipstick comes in 20 shades and is applied in two steps: first a colour base and then lip gloss for an extraordinary combination with a long-lasting hold of up to eight hours*.

*Clinical test conducted on a sample of 20 women 

  • 248 reviews
    24 Tone
    101 Soft Rose
    Long-lasting liquid lipstick with a bright finish in a two-step application
    101 Soft Rose
    HUF 2,790.00

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  • 144 reviews
    20 Tone
    01 Rosy Nude
    Long-lasting creamy lipstick with a semi-matte finish
    01 Rosy Nude
    HUF 1,890.00 HUF 2,790.00 - 32 %

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