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Flawless hands and feet as well as nails that match your outfit. Are you ready to make it a reality? Follow KIKO’s four simple steps:

Apply Intensive Hand & Foot Scrub on the dry patches on your hands and feet and massage it in using circular motions. Adjust the massage’s intensity depending on the area.

Apply Intensive Hand Cream on the hands and massage in until completely absorbed. Your hands will look velvety soft and retain moisture for longer, even after washing*. Intensive Foot Cream is the perfect choice for pampering your feet. Apply on clean feet and gently massage in. The result? The feet will appear soft and smooth, and the cuticles will be softened. For an intensive moisturizing treatment, try our Intensive Hand Gloves and Intensive Foot Socks.

Use the professional-quality Nail Buffer’s four different numbered surfaces in sequence. Side 1 files and trims the nail; side 2 defines the shape of the nail; side 3 smoothes the surface and eliminates ridges and imperfections; side 4 buffs and adds shine to the nail.

Apply a KIKO base, and when dry, apply your chosen KIKO nail lacquer. Want to keep up with the latest trends? Choose one of Power Pro Nail Lacquer’s new colours, which reflect the upcoming season's hottest looks. Finally, for a manicure with a gel look in just two steps, KIKO suggests Perfect Gel Duo, a nail lacquer and top coat that delivers salon-quality, long-lasting results. To reduce the drying time, spray some Nail Polish Fixer directly onto the nails.

Neat, tidy hands and feet say a lot about you. The talk will be that you’re truly a class act.

*Results of clinical and instrumental tests conducted on a sample of women who used Intensive Hand Cream before washing their hands


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