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Do KIKO MILANO products contain nickel?

Nickel is never used as a component in the production of cosmetics, since it is prohibited by the European Community: in fact, it does not feature in the ingredients lists of any of our products!

While our ingredients lists are complete and naturally comply with current legislation, it is nonetheless impossible to verify whether or not the raw materials used contain minute traces - to the degree of parts per million - of a number of unlisted substances, which may include Nickel. Neither KIKO MILANO nor other cosmetics companies are therefore in a position to guarantee the total absence of this metal.

Nickel allergies are not only associated with cosmetics, but with the majority of commonly consumed food products (tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, chocolate etc.). Particularly sensitive individuals should therefore only use lines that have been specifically developed for people with severe allergies. Those instead who suffer from a mild allergy or temporary intolerance can, if interested in a particular product, perform a “patch test”.

Simply apply a coin-sized amount of product (from a tester) to the inside of the forearm. Ideally, leave the product in place all day. If the area appears reddened or shows any sign of a reaction, the product likely contains a raw material that your skin cannot tolerate. In the absence of any type of reaction, you should be able to use the product without complication.

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