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Versatility or precision: discover the ideal applicator

Rounded on one side and pointed on the other, Make Up Blender allows you to apply foundation and concealer in the best possible way, releasing it evenly. It is quick and easy to apply, perfect even for when you don't have much time. The pointed side allows you to cover localized skin imperfections, outline the edges of the eye make-up, give definition to the nose and cheekbones and apply highlighters. The rounded side, on the other hand, allows you to achieve an even base in a few steps, apply blushes and give definition to the forehead and jawline.

Ideal for creating structured make-up easily, Precision Make Up Blender has a pointed end shaped to reach the most difficult parts of the face and cover small imperfections precisely, while the special concave shape is suitable for drawing the facial contours. The rounded sides are perfect for applying the foundation evenly over the rest of the face. The multifaceted shape makes Precision Make up Blender the ideal applicator for outlining the face with contouring.