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"Personality, modernity and a word, KIKONESS"

KIKO MILANO selected designer Ross Lovegrove to create the packaging for the new summer collection.

The world-famous, futurist designer is widely regarded as a visionary whose work has launched a new sense of aesthetics. The hallmarks of the designer's work are a strong visual impact and a rare combination of factors underlying his designs. Ross Lovegrove brings together aesthetics, logic, nature, art and technology to create unique items.

Lovegrove’s work, which has earned him many international awards, has been published in prestigious design journals and exhibited in renowned museums worldwide.

Lovegrove has not merely taken inspiration from the collection's theme to design products to take with you everywhere. He’s also explored in great depth, analyzing and decoding the brand’s DNA, and pinpointing what he calls its “KIKONESS,” a combination of elegance, sensuality, femininity, breeziness and usefulness.

The packaging’s design unites KIKO’s DNA with design, nature, art and technology in a characteristic series of tactile and visual components:

- the curvy lines inspired by the female body;

- the three-dimensional design that evokes the modern era;

- the multiple light reflections that radiate from the heights and depths of the pattern;

- the exquisite colours and other details;

- the compact forms, designed to make the products easy to use;

- the attention to details, from the materials to the packaging’s functional components.

With their ergonomic lines, the products are compact and easy to use, designed for what Lovegrove calls “nomadic portability.” Some examples? The lipstick effortlessly snaps open and closed due to its magnetic closure, while the brush comes with an easy-to-grip handle. The rest is for you to discover.

The packaging’s three-dimensional external design reflects the bright, hyper-informed minds of the digital age while also serving a practical purpose: it’s very useful when searching for the products in your purse. That’s because the raised, three-dimensional design is instantly recognizable to the touch and also reflects light, making it easy to see. The computer-generated designs are one-of-a-kind, found only on these KIKO products. This uniqueness and authenticity is exactly what KIKO MILANO wishes to convey to those who use its products: make-up that’s exquisite and unique, just like the women for whom it is created.