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Into the Dark, the seventh limited edition capsule collection to celebrate 20 years of KIKO MILANO, in collaboration with VOGUE ITALIA, features the label Au Jour Le Jour and its two founders, Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez, as the protagonists who have interpreted this makeup trend by translating it into a truly original aesthetic code.

Au Jour Le Jour is transversal and refined, a sophisticated and ultra modern brand that stands out for its use of wallpaper motifs, animal prints and exclusive materials. For this collection, the stylists have chosen an elegant and sensual, feminine and provocative style with a certain touch of irony, as it is in their DNA.

The Into the Dark girl is not scared to push the boundaries and play with passion, with extreme finishes and an intense makeup look, vibrant and super-pigmented colours, cool shades and metallic effects. The complexion is radiant and the eyes take centre stage, while liquid metal-effect lips echo the metal tones of the manicure.

But, as in every respectable capsule collection, they couldn’t miss out on super-fashionable accessories, such as the vinyl-effect floral print pouch, the compact mirror in line with the feel of the collection and the nail art stickers: for a dark and captivating-style complete makeup look, with a fun pop touch. 

E come ogni compleanno importante che si rispetti, non poteva mancare un gioiello. Come ottenerlo? Semplice: all'acquisto di 1 prodotto della collezione Into the Dark riceverai in omaggio 1 charm*.

*Online e in negozio.  

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au jour le jour


1.     Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO?
KIKO is a brand that we greatly admire for its ability to impart beauty to a wide, international audience and also because, like us, KIKO puts a fresh twist on trends.
2.   What inspired you when creating the KIKO collection?
We wanted something with a dark look that was still linked to our DNA. Our prints are often inspired by animals, so we tried to create a background design with a black panther and iris for a dark yet provocative feel.
3.     How would you describe your style and how did you incorporate it into the design?
The Au Jour le Jour collections are always slightly tongue-in-cheek. Not taking yourself too seriously – that’s what we had in mind when we designed this dark atmosphere that also has a fresh, pop-art style thanks to the prints.
4.    Will you be attending Fashion Week this year? If so, where and when?
Yes, we'll be presenting our Spring Summer 2018 collection in Milan on 24th September.
5.     How do you contribute to the collection? What exactly do you do?
We started by doing the mood board, looking for inspiration and developing it with our team.
6.    Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO, what were your sources of inspiration, and what were the challenges you faced while developing the collection?
We like interacting with companies and people from worlds other than our own. For us, it’s really exciting to work on new projects and work out how to express our aesthetic through other products.
7.   In which markets are your products sold?
Throughout the world, from European markets to Asian and American markets.