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Ancient beauty rituals. Keen attention to details. Artistic and harmonious calligraphy.

Eastern-inspired beauty takes centre stage in the new limited edition Asian Touch collection by KIKO Milano and Isa Arfen. The fifth of 7 collaborations with emerging designers selected by Vogue Talents also celebrates KIKO Milano’s 20th anniversary.

Created by Serafina Sama, a young designer from fashion brand Isa Arfen, the collection evokes Eastern culture, offering high-definition makeup products with a focus on fiery red lips and eyes accentuated by eyeliner – the perfect look for a metropolitan geisha. The collection is topped off with super defined eyebrows and a glowing complexion, which can be yours with the perfecting mask made from 100% natural fabric extracted from bamboo.

The collection’s Asian Touch is best seen in its packaging. It’s clean and simple, whilst simultaneously classic and hyper feminine, which is reflected in the must-have limited edition clutch in black satin. A nod to Japan, it’s adorned with an elegant knot in the middle, reminiscent of those seen on kimonos.

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Isa Arfen


 Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO?

 When Vogue Italia talked to me about this project for the first time, I was instantly excited and honoured to be a part of it. I have a weakness for makeup and I saw this collaboration as a fantastic opportunity to explore a new world and present a taste of Isa Arfen to a much broader and diverse audience.

What inspired you when creating the KIKO collection?

I was inspired by the ancient art of Asian calligraphy, and by the ritual of applying makeup with slow, precise movements to achieve an iconic, flawless, feminine and timeless look.

How would you describe your brand’s style and how did you incorporate it into the design of the Asian Touch collection?

Isa Arfen's aesthetic is feminine, sophisticated and relaxed. Clean, but with a hint of eccentricity. I tried to reflect this in my proposal for Kiko’s packaging by creating basic, clean artwork that is simultaneously classic and hyper feminine. I tried to include the essence of my brand into my proposals for the artwork, packaging and clutch: a feminine, sophisticated and relaxed look with a touch of irreverence.

Did you participate in fashion weeks this year? If so, where and when?

I’ll present the Spring/Summer 2018 collection in London on 16 September during London Fashion Week.

What was your contribution to the collection? What did you do exactly?

I created artwork that was hand-painted with ink, using movements inspired by the ancient art of calligraphy, and I also proposed how to adapt it for the packaging of Kiko products. I also designed a makeup organiser in black satin with a bow that is reminiscent of the knot on a kimono.

In which markets will your products be sold?

For me, the biggest markets are the United Kingdom and the United States. My products will also be sold in: Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and Canada.