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Perfect lashes: all you need is an eyelash curler and mascara

Even on its own, mascara (aka the hero of every eye look) is capable of working miracles. It can transform your look and make it vivid and intense, especially if used with an eyelash curler. 
Whilst it’s true that the power of mascara is now universally recognised, choosing the right one can often seem complicated, not to mention learning to use an eyelash curler to maximise the effect.
The good (very good) news is that with a bit of help, you can have perfect lashes in the blink of an eye and experience the joys that only the dream team of eye makeup can give.


How to use an eyelash curler to emphasise the curve of your lashes

Firstly, never underestimate the importance of the eyelash curler, a beauty weapon with vintage charm that’s highly strategic for giving your eyes a magnetic look. 

Here are some tips for the best ways to use one:
-be as gentle as possible so you don’t stress the lashes. It may sound trivial, but it’s not! Don’t use it if you’re in a rush and don't press too hard. You want your lashes to be neat and nicely fanned, not damaged.

-Choose a professional accessory, don’t compromise on quality. A stainless-steel eyelash curler with a silicone pad is what you need.

-The eyelash curler should only be used before applying mascara, on clean lashes, so there’s no risk of clumping them together or ruining them. 
PS: Don’t worry if you’ve never tried this accessory before, you’ll need a bit of practice but will soon realise just how simple it is to use.

-Hold the eyelash curler with your thumb and index finger and insert your lashes into the opening, bringing it to the lash line. Then (we’ve already said geeeently, right?!) apply pressure without squeezing too hard and hold for a few seconds. 

-Check the result and, if necessary, repeat the process. We heard a “WOW”, right? 

-Change the silicone pad when you feel it getting less effective (you can get a spare when buying your eyelash curler).


Choosing the right mascara? Tell us what lashes you have!

We’ve already applauded trusty mascara, now let’s find out just how many kinds of mascara exist (and how much the brush matters) and see which one is best for you.
The first secret to finding the best mascara is to look carefully at your lashes. 
With mirror in hand, try to figure out what they’re like: below, you’ll find some matching tips which take into account formulas and applicators, too.

Straight lashes: to emphasise them, you’ll need to coat them in mascara and give them a curled effect. Of course, using an eyelash curler before applying mascara is ideal - you’ll notice the difference.
The perfect brush for you? Curved, elastomer or fibre. 

Short lashes: to make them fabulous, apply a lengthening active mascara with the classic zig-zag motion, starting from the base and continuing to the tips.
The perfect brush for you? Thin, maybe conical. For an extreme lengthening effect, a fibre mascara is also perfect. 

Straight and short lashes: you need a mascara that gives lashes a buildable, volumising effect. Apply multiple times until you achieve your desired result (no need to worry about clumps).
The perfect brush for you? Elastomer. 

Undefined lashes: choose a mascara that gives your lashes a volume-enhancing effect combined with definition.
The perfect brush for you? Mini. 

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