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Tips and ideas to inspire your perfect Christmas makeup

Tips and ideas to inspire your perfect Christmas makeup

Twinkling lights, sparkling decorations, the air filled with carols and the scent of cinnamon biscuits: yes, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year” and preparations are in full swing. That means your makeup, as well! If you’re looking for a Christmas look to flaunt at dinner with friends, on a date (who knows, maybe with a stop-off under the mistletoe) or at a family gathering, this is the post for you!

Christmas party makeup: the golden rule is focus!

The key word in party season is “shine”. However, we all know how easy it is to overdo it with our makeup. So how can you avoid being too heavy-handed? Choose an area to focus on - either your lips or your eyes - and make that the central focus of your Christmas makeup.

Red makeup for Christmas or something more traditional? The main thing is to make your lips stand out!

Red makeup for Christmas or something more traditional? The main thing is to make your lips stand out!

If you’re going for the lips, you can indulge in a bit of red and bring the magic of Christmas to your face in just one step. To get away from traditional methods, try a few techniques for applying your makeup that will give you an unforgettable look.

Ombré lips

This technique was right on trend in the 90s and now it’s making a comeback, together with chokers, crop tops and bum bags. There are just two steps to this easy look:

Step 1. Use a pencil with a mid to dark shade

Outline your lip contour using a suitable pencil in your preferred shade (just one thing: choose a colour that is darker than the lipstick you’re going to use on the inside of your lips).


To avoid creating too much of a contrast between the inside and outside of your lips, don't just draw a line with the darker pencil but blend it into the centre.

Step 2. Use a paler lipstick

Choose a lipstick with a paler shade than the lip pencil, without causing a clash, and apply it to your inner lips (think combining orangey-red with pink or brick red with burgundy; try bold combinations or mixing cold and hot shades).

Double-finish lips

To emphasise your lips and make them look fuller, you can play with contrasting finishes. Try mixing a matte lipstick with a pale, pearly one. Apply the pale lipstick only to the inner part of your lips, away from the contour.

How to choose your perfect Christmas lipstick

Whatever your favourite shade of red lipstick, Christmas is the time to flaunt it or experiment with something new. From velvety matte lipsticks (which are very in-season) to lipsticks with shiny and creamy textures, give yourself a dazzling smile this Christmas.

Finding your perfect shade. Start with... your own tastes! The number one rule to apply when choosing makeup is to go with your gut. If, however, you want a bit of help, stand in front of the mirror and think about a few aspects like your hair colour and skin tone.

Warm red lipstick shades are naturally best suited to those with medium to dark skin tones while brown and rusty shades are particularly good if you have olive skin. If your skin is pale, cold lipstick shades, and even raspberry colours, are generally best.

With matte, creamy and shiny finishes and 3D-effect gloss, you’re spoilt for choice! So how can you avoid getting in a tangle? Look at the shape of your lips and find a texture that really does them justice! Matte lipsticks are perfect if you have full lips as they will coat your lips without overemphasising your makeup. If you have thin lips, on the other hand, our whole range of shiny lipsticks is made for you as the glow and reflections in the formulas will make your lips look fuller.

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Give your eyes a touch of gold and silver, for luxurious Christmas makeup

Give your eyes a touch of gold and silver, for luxurious Christmas makeup

Metal eye makeup is a big hit right now as you can rock dazzling eyelids and stay on-trend at parties.

If you want a bold look, apply metallic eyeshadow to your entire eyelid using a brush specifically for eyes. Balance it with nude lips for a minimal look.

If you want to play with geometry a bit, use a fine-tipped, angled brush to apply a creamy eyeshadow (or dampen it with a few drops of water if the formula allows you to). Draw a line along your upper eye contour, working from the inner to the outer corner of your eye and finish it off with an upwards stroke.

Or... try burgundy makeup to bring out your eyes!

Red is the ultimate choice for parties and when toned down to burgundy it can become a powerful tool for emphasising your eyes (especially if you have green or blue eyes). If you have brown eyes, go for a colder shade - maybe even purple).


So what’s the secret to making red eye makeup even more festive? Combine it with a shiny gold or bronze eyeliner or stick eyeshadow.

Don’t leave out the inner rim of your eye. Use a soft, dark kajal pencil (go for brown or burgundy to prevent creating too much of a contrast). Finish off your look with a generous coat of mascara and there you have it; you're all set.

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