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Medusa, the fatal gaze

Transform yourself into the incredibly bewitching mythological creature for the most terrific night of the year in a few simple steps.

A flawless base, an iridescent eye look embellished with golden details and a vampy and velvety lipstick: no-one will be able to resist your gaze.



- Give your face a hydration boost by applying Smart Hydrashot Cream to cleansed skin.
- Camouflage any imperfections and mattify any shiny areas of the face with Matte Face Base, which is also ideal for improving the application and hold of your foundation.
- Even out your complexion with our Full Coverage 2in1 Foundation, choosing the shade that best suits your face. 
- Set your flawless base with Matte Fusion Pressed Powder, our pressed setting powder with an enveloping and creamy texture that seamlessly melts into the skin. Use a specific brush such as our Face 09 Powder Brush to apply it.
- Enliven your complexion by applying Smart Colour Blush to cheeks, mixing shades 11 and 12 with a suitable brush - our Face 10 Blush Brush would, for example, be ideal.
- Bestow light upon the face and provide skin with a luminous glow by applying Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter 100 to cheekbones, chin, the bridge of the nose and eyebrow arch.
- Last but not least, apply a touch of Make Up Fixer for a professional finish and exceptionally long-lasting hold.



- Apply Eye Base Primer to lids.
- Using our Eyes 57 Full Blending Brush, apply Water Eyeshadow 233 to the entire lid and forehead and blend, working upwards and outwards towards the temples.
Apply Water Eyeshadow 213 and Glitter Shower Eyeshadow 05 to the outer corner of the eye using the same motion as described above, blending outwards from the centre of the lid towards the temples with the help of our Eyes 59 Slanted Blending Brush.
- Use Water Eyeshadow 233 and a stencil or unworn fishnet stocking to draw a motif that resembles snake scales on your temples
- Apply and blend Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 48 below the lower lash line.
- Apply Smart Colour Eyepencil 12 to the waterline.
- Complete your look with a coat of Maxi Mod Mascara to provide your lashes with a sublime volume effect.



- Apply a primer such as our Nude Blur Lip Base to lips and make them shine with a layer of Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick 128 - you won't believe its comfortable and creamy texture!