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What makeups can you wear for Halloween? Clown, vampire, skull, porcelain doll, Catwoman… check out the face makeup ideas of KIKO MILANO!

The funniest day of the year for every makeup addicted has finally come: it’s time to get ready for scary Halloween night with the right makeups (and tricks)!

If you are looking for Halloween face paint ideas, you will find 5 eye-catching makeup ideas here.

In order to follow the latest trends, try a scary clown face paint, inspired by the latest highest-grossing films (F-E-A-R). Do you prefer more classic makeups? The vampire makeup is a perfect Halloween makeup, and it is also sophisticated and chic! Do you want to be more traditional, but with a glam touch? The Mexican skull makeup and the porcelain doll one are the right ones for you. Do you have little time? The cat makeup is always the easiest and most fascinating face paint for Halloween night. 

Let’s start!



For Halloween, the skull makeup is one of the most striking ever: to create it, you need to have some manual skills, but with KIKO MILANO products, the process will be easier than it seems :)

Start by creating a black or dark brown smokey eye, blending the makeup under your eyes, as if you wanted to optically highlight your dark circles (you're right, we really said that). Then, apply mascara generously and then it’s the eyebrows’ turn: fill and define them by using the powders in your shade, and set them with the wax to get a monstrous look

For your lips, choose a nude lipstick, in a shade as similar as possible to your complexion, such as Smart Fusion Lipstick (available in endless fashionable shades), and then, with a black lip pencil, draw the scar (o the signs of your skull, shall we say): first of all, draw two lines from the mouth corners up to the cheekbones, afterwards draw a lot of little vertical lines.
At the end, using a makeup brush with soft bristles, blend the lines in the cheekbone area to get a more sunken face… just like a skull! 

To fix the makeup all night long, do not forget to use a makeup fixer (better if it’s a spray, in order to avoid retouching the precious details you’ve drawn).

Credits: @vlbaeta



For this clown face paint, start by drawing four triangles, two at the top of your eyebrows and two under your eyes: first of all, draw the contour with a black eye pencil (the most suitable one is Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner And Khôl, number 16), and then fill these shapes using the same pencil. Sky’s the limit as far as creativity is concerned: you can use the same technique but with different colours, if they match more with your outfit or if you just prefer other colours (even pink can sometimes be very scaring). 

The second step for your Halloween clown makeup consists in giving your eyes an elongated shape with the help of an eyeliner  or an intense-black kajal, which has to be applied both on the waterline and along it.
For radiant eyes, apply a metallic-finish eyeshadow in the inner eye corner, like Magnetic Impact, Platinum colour, and use a mascara with lengthening effect as a finish for your makeup.
Do you want to add an extra and melancholy detail? A tear running down from just one eye – perfectly drawn, obviously. You can use the same shiny eyeshadow you’ve used before to fill the drop.

The last step for a flawless clown paint face is obviously the mouth: draw the contour with a  lip pencil, by drawing a line which is longer on the mouth sides, to create a huge yet sinister smile, and then colour the area with a lipstick that must be black or anthracite… It is better to use a matte lipstick, such as Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour!

Do you want a final touch for a terrifying look? With a red lip pencil, paint your nose tip, and to add a romantic touch to your makeup, draw a little heart instead of the classic circle.



Every woman has tried it at least once, but you can get an original and unusual vampire makeup: here's how! 

Forget the total black for your eyes, and choose the intense red nuance instead with an eyeshadow like Smart Colour Eyeshadow number 14, applying it only on the upper eyelid.
To add depth to your eyes, you can use a black or dark brown eyeshadow just above your waterlines, carefully blending it with an eye brush until the colour almost reaches the eyebrows; at the end, take a black eyeliner, better if it’s a liquid one, and draw a clear line above the eye, lengthening it a bit outwards, and get a diabolic look with our false eyelashes

The most delicate step of this Twilight-inspired girl vampire makeup involves the lips: draw the lip contour using a black lip pencil, trying to highlight (or to recreate) the shape of a heart on your Cupid’s bow and to slightly lengthen the mouth sides upwards. With the help of a lip brush, blend the colour inwards, and protect it from bites by applying a layer of blood-red lip gloss (do you want a reliable product? Latex Shine Lip Lacquer number 09, fire red!)

Then apply a highlighter on your cheekbones as a final touch.



What’s scarier than a creepy doll? Here’s a tutorial on how to create this Halloween makeup which will amaze everyone.

Well begun is half done, as the saying goes, so pay utmost attention to the makeup base: after using a primer (a tone one is better to disguise discolouring), apply a foundation, a couple of shades lighter than your complexion, using a brush or your fingers. If your skin suddenly looks dull and “colourless”, you're on the right track :) 

Once the base is applied, you can start with the eye makeup: with a violet or mauve powder eyeshadow, create an intense and very wide smokey eye, insisting around the eyes. Then, with a thin brush, apply a light and shiny eyeshadow in the inner eye corner, and blend carefully before using mascara. 

This is the most delicate step of your porcelain doll Halloween makeup: with an eyeliner or a very sharp pencil (otherwise the result will be different, in this case use a pencil sharpener!). Draw some thin cracks starting from the centre of your face, and try to draw lines which are neither too straight nor too shaky. 

The penultimate step is, obviously, the lipstick: green light to dark shades, such as violet and burgundy, which must be applied according to the natural mouth contour.

What's missing? A good cleansing kit: cleansing wipes to get rid of possible smudges and a bi-phase makeup remover to be used when you get home from the party!



Last but not least, here’s an easy Halloween make up, perfect for women who are always in a hurry or are not familiar with making up: the cat makeup!

There's only one secret for a sexy look: flawless, full and definite eyebrows! After shaping them using eyebrow tweezers, fill them with a pencil or an eyeshadow of your shape and fix the colour with a mascara gel.

To create a perfect cat eye makeup, everything you need is a dark brown or jet-black eyeliner: draw a line starting from the middle of your eyelid and going outwards, with the end inclined upwards.
Then apply a white or light pink pencil inside the waterline, and apply mascara. What's the perfect touch for a magnetic look? Apply mascara generously on the external eyelashes.

The final touch of the Catwoman makeup focuses on the lips: use a black lipstick for the upper lip, that will then be connected to the nose tip by a dark line (use a dark pencil for this).
For the lower lip, instead, choose a nude but creamy lipstick (Unlimited Stylo is the right one for you). 

After applying some pinkish blush on your cheeks, dot your cheekbones with a dark eyeliner to create some freckles… the meeow effect is sure.

Take a picture of your look and share it by using the hashtags #kikotrendsetters and #kikohalloween: be a protagonist of the KIKO MILANO world.