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The new Haute Punk collection includes exquisite, limited edition gift sets to give to a loved one or yourself:

- Luscious Punk Lip Set with a matching lipstick and pencil for glamorous, well-defined lips;
- Black Impulse Pochette with volumizing mascara, eyeliner pencil and nail polish in classic shades;
- So Stylish Nail Lacquer Set containing eight nail polishes with bright, radiant finishes;
- Rebel Temptation Nail Art Set to create original and flawless manicures;
- Beauty Apotheosis Total Look Palette with six eyeshadows, a bronzer and a blush for complete face and eye make-up;
- Haute Punk Brush Set with six professional brushes for perfect make-up;
- Unconventional Blooms Hand Cream Trio with three different nourishing and fragranced hand creams;
- Lip Seduction Set with pearly lip balm and scrub for lips that stand out.

Finally, give to a loved one or yourself two brand new fragrances in elegant packaging: Visionary Eau de Toilette, femininity's essence expressed in a seductive and delicate fragrance, and Haute Flower Eau de Toilette, an unique, exuberant journey of the senses.