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I suffer from skin allergies; can I safely use KIKO MILANO products?

An allergy is an unpleasant and damaging response by the body’s defense mechanisms to substances that are otherwise harmless in individuals who are not allergic.
The entire KIKO make-up range, alongside our skin care and body products, are hypoallergenic, i.e. formulated to reduce the risk of skin allergies to an absolute minimum. If you have experienced sensitivity following the use of cosmetic products in the past, you way wish to perform a “patch test”.

Simply apply a coin-sized amount of product (from a tester) to the inside of the forearm and ideally leave in place all day. If the area appears reddened or shows any sign of a reaction, the product likely contains a raw material that your skin cannot tolerate. In the absence of any type of reaction, you should be able to use the product without complication.

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