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Hydra Pro Glow

Brightening moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid - SPF 10

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    Brightening moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid. A long-lasting moisturizer* for a rejuvenated and radiant complexion. The active ingredients protect the skin from oxidative stress and give it a healthy glow.

    The formula contains barley seed extract which helps brighten the complexion, hyaluronic acid and ActiGlow, a revolutionary cosmetic advancement that enhances the skin’s beauty.

    The product has a silky texture and comes in a light shade of pink. When applied, the product feels delightfully cool. The skin is moisturized and radiant. Hydra Pro Glow cream has a handy dispenser that releases just the right amount of product. Contains sunscreen which helps protect the epidermis.

    Delicately scented with musk and rose.

    Ideal for all skin types.


    Dermatologically tested.


    *Results of clinical and instrumental tests conducted on 20 women who used Hydra Pro Glow for 28 days


    Moisturizes the skin with long-lasting results. The skin is rejuvenated and highly luminous. Protected from oxidative stress, the skin has a healthier and smoother appearance.


    The skin’s hydration increases 13% after 15 minutes and 11% after 30 minutes.

    The skin’s hydration increases 10% after 14 days and 14% after 28 days.


    Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing.


    ACTIGLOW is a balanced blend of unique ingredients tested in vitro capable of promoting an intense anti-oxidant function, and stimulating the production of collagen and a soothing function.
    Clinical tests conducted on products containing it have shown that the beauty of the skin and, at the same time, of the make-up is enhanced. The result? A skin that simply looks perfect.

    In vitro tests have shown that ACTIGLOW is able to:
    -           improve the synthesis of collagen
    -           soothe
    -           perform an anti-oxidant activity

    Cosmetic products containing ActiGlow give the skin radiance, smoothness and firmness. Clinical tests show that make-up is enhanced. 

    Clinical and instrumental tests*, conducted on 1250 volunteers for a total of more than 5000 observations, have shown that the regular use of the products containing ActiGlow help make the skin smoother, more regular and more even and that when associated with make-up products, they improve the performance of the face make-up.

    *Tests conducted using the product twice a day with instrumental observations on the 14th and 28th days. Each product was tested at both performance and safety levels.


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  1. 13/05/2019


    Ottima base trucco

    Ho acquistato questa crema per caso ma sono rimasta sbalordita del bellissimo effetto. Ottima base prima del fondotinta illumina al punto giusto e idrata bene senza ungere. Consigliata per pelli opache. Riacquistero' di sicuro.
  2. 03/05/2019


    Ottimo prodotto

    Ho comprato questa crema su consiglio della commessa, e mi sono trovata molto bene Prepara bene la pelle del viso prima del fondotinta, ma senza appesantire, si assorbe immediatamente.
  3. 02/05/2019



    Illumina e idrata.Ottima come base.
  4. 19/04/2019



    Perfetto come base o se vuoi avere un effetto luminoso
  5. 11/04/2019


    Muy bien

    Hidrata perfecto la piel, la deja muy suave. Lo único que no me gusta es que tiene partículas de glitter muy evidentes, aunque una vez maquillada, ya no se notan.
  6. 10/04/2019


    non ne posso fare a meno

    La uso prima del fondotinta e mi piace molto l'effetto che da, illumina, idrata e non unge. PERFETTA!
  7. 24/03/2019


    Ich bin begeistert. Zaubert einen tollen Glanz aufs Gesicht und versorgt die Haut den gesamten Tag mit Feuchtigkeit. Die foundation darüber strahlt.

    Superbe crème. Elle donne une belle brillance sur tout le visage et hydrate la peau toute la journée.
  8. 22/03/2019



    Appena stesa la pelle diventa setosa e si illumina a causa della texture brillante. Ne basta poca per un risultato incredibile. Perfetta sotto ogni tipo di maquillage.
  9. 20/03/2019



    Lo tenía y no puedo vivir sin él.
  10. 19/03/2019


    Da provare

    La uso sempre prima della base con fondotinta ed è semplicemente fantastica!! Ehh niente residui!
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