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Shine Refine Day

Sebum-balancing gel-cream 


    Sebum-balancing gel-cream. Helps Eliminating excess oil and reducing shine*, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores*, moisturizing with long-lasting results*, and leaves the skin looking healthy and smooth with a matte finish. Perfects make-up performance**.

    The product contains salicylic acid and other specific ingredients with their purifying properties. The formula also contains Actiglow, a revolutionary cosmetic advancement that enhances the skin’s beauty.

    The cool gel cream is easily absorbed and instantly makes the skin feel wonderful. The result? Moisturized and radiant skin with a matte finish. 

    Delicately scented with lily of the valley and cucumber.

    Ideal for combination to oily skin.


    Dermatologically tested. 



    *Results of clinical-instrumental tests conducted on 20 women who used Shine Refine Day for 28 days

    **In vivo test conducted on 20 women who used Shine Refine Day for 28 days


    Helps eliminating excess oil and mattifying the skin. Helps minimizing the looking of enlarged pores. With each passing day, the product moisturizes the skin, giving it a radiant and smooth appearance. The product also helps make-up adhere better.


    Pores visibility reduces in 40% of test participants after 14 days and in 65% of test participants after 28 days.

    The skin’s hydration increases 9% after 14 days and 14% after 28 days.

    The skin’s excess oil sebum is reduced by 16% after 15 minutes and by 12% after 30 minutes. Following seven days of product use, the skin sebum is reduced by 9% after 24 hours.

    Results of the make-up performance test after applying Shine Refine Day gel cream:

    The skin’s uniformity improves 4% after 14 days and 7% after 28 days.

    The skin’s smoothness improves 9% after 14 days and 13% after 28 days.


    Apply morning and evening to clean skin after applying Shine Refine Tonic. If there are blemishes on the skin, first apply Shine Refine Spot and then the gel cream.

    Sunburn Alert: This product contains alpha hydroxy acids that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.


    ACTIGLOW is a balanced blend of unique ingredients that have been tested in vitro. These are potent antioxidants that stimulate collagen production while soothing the skin.
    Clinical tests conducted on products containing ACTIGLOW have shown that it enhances the beauty of both the skin and make-up. The result? Simply flawless-looking skin.

    In vitro tests have shown that ACTIGLOW is capable of the following:
    -           improving the synthesis of collagen
    -           soothing
    -           acting as an antioxidant

    Cosmetic products containing ActiGlow deliver a radiance, smoothness and firmness to the skin. Clinical tests show that the appearance of make-up improves. 

    Clinical and instrumental tests*, conducted on 1250 volunteers for a total of more than 5000 observations, have shown that the regular use of the products containing ActiGlow make the skin smoother and more uniform and even-looking. In the cases in which make-up is applied, the products help perfect and extend make-up wear.

    *Tests conducted using the product twice a day with instrumental observations on the 14th and 28th days. Each product was tested at both performance and safety


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  1. 19/10/2018


    Reseca la piel

    Me la recomendó la chica de la tienda pero para mi gusto deja la piel súper seca. No merece la pena por ese precio.
  2. 03/09/2018


    Très bon produit

    1 er produit qui me convient
  3. 05/08/2018


    Mai più pelle lucida

    Lascia una bella sensazione sulla pelle, levigala, opaca e setosa
  4. 04/08/2018


    Buena crema

    Crema que se absorbe fácilmente y deja una piel bonita y suave. Dura todo el día.
  5. 31/07/2018


    Me encanta

    Este producto después del shine refine tonic es una combinación perfecta, si utilizas ambos productos no querrás utilizar cualquier otro producto seborregulador y el coste merece la pena!!
  6. 29/07/2018



    Crema che bilancia il sebo, non fa diventare lucidi durante la giornata. Consiglio di abbinarla al tonico della stessa linea per un risultato ottimale
  7. 27/07/2018



    crema fantastica. non unge ed è molto fresca. la uso mattina e sera.
  8. 25/07/2018


    Tres bonne crème

    Texture légère, s'applique et pénètre facilement la peau et odeur agréable.
  9. 28/06/2018


    Molto leggera

    Ho provato questa crema consigliata dalla commessa e devo dire che me ne sono subito innamorata.E' leggerissima sulla pelle,si assorbe subito senza lasciare l'effetto unto e poi ha un ottimo profumo.Ho già ricomprato più volte questa crema.
  10. 28/06/2018


    Покупайте не пожалеете.

    Крем супер! Впитывается хорошо. и действительно помогает. Кожа выглядит гораздо лучше.
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