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Skin Care

Beauty begins with the skin with the new line of facial skin care products created to provide every woman with the most suitable and advanced treatment.
KIKO has developed five different dermatologically tested product lines that meet the needs of every skin type and contain well-researched and highly effective ingredients.


KIKO has developed Pure Clean, the new line of advanced cleansers with Eastern-inspired ingredients

Thanks to the Shine Refine products, the skin is smooth and even-looking with a matte finish

Restore and maintain over time the skin’s ideal moisture levels.
The new Hydra Pro face line finally makes this possible.

KIKO MILANO is launching the new Sublime Youth line with face products developed
to intensely nourish the skin, even out wrinkles and signs of aging, and plump the face

Moisturize, soften and revitalize your skin with the best-selling treatment.

New Skin Care Products

Best Seller