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High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow

Highly pigmented eyeshadow for wet and dry use

01 Matte White Milk

01 Matte White Milk


    Highly pigmented eyeshadow for wet and dry use. The intense, buildable colour is revealed instantly. Proven staying power of up to eight hours.*

    The special process used for mixing the colours creates a creamy, even texture that immediately adheres to the eyelid. Pleasantly silky to the touch, it feels wonderful. The enriched formula containing vitamin E, cottonseed oil and chamomile extracts brushes on the eyelids with delicate softness.

    The eyeshadow, distinctive and unique thanks to the KK monogram, comes in a modern, practical compact with a magnetic closure. The eyeshadow's exclusive packaging also allows it to be used in a removable system. You can remove an eyeshadow from its compact and insert it into the new Shade Selection 03 palette. Magnets hold the eyeshadows in place. The palettes are stackable and sold separately. 

    Each of these elegant palettes holds three eye shadows and comes with a double-ended sponge applicator and a mirror. The eyeshadows can be removed from the palette and replaced with others to create endless colour combinations and personalize your look.

    Available in four different finishes: matte, pearl, satin and metallic.


    Ophthalmologically tested.


    *Clinical and instrumental test up to eight hours on 20 women. A group of 100 volunteers tested and approved of the product's quality.


    Instant colour payoff and highly pigmented. The eyes take center stage, richly nuanced and expressive. The buildable, intense colour accentuates the shape of the eyes. The long-wearing formula ensures a perfect look that lasts.*

    To maximize the eyeshadow's staying power, first apply Eye Base Primer or Pearly Eye Base to the eyelids. 

    Next, apply the eyeshadow using the double-ended sponge applicator included in the new, refillable Shade Selection 03 palette and blend with an eye brush. To play up your eye makeup, add eyeliner using an eye pencil or eye liner. For colour that pops, apply the eyeshadow wet with a few drops of Mixing Solution.

    Close the product after use.


    1 - Remove the eyeshadow from the single-shade compact by sticking the end of a paperclip in the hole in the back of the case.

    2 – Insert the eyeshadow into the empty palette in one of the three available spaces. The magnet on the bottom of the eyeshadow attaches to the magnet inside the palette.

    3 - The same palette can be used for endless colour combinations. Just remove any colours that you do not want in the palette and store them in the original single-shade compacts.


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    Accessible beauty thanks to a wide variety of products available at reasonable prices: choose the best product for your needs amongst a vast range of colours and endless possibilities and effects.

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    Thousands of colours and highly blendable textures for a truly satisfying and sensory beauty experience.

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    KIKO exploits the latest findings in cosmetic research to offer a line of unique, revolutionary products.

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    All KIKO products are subjected to strict analytical and clinical trials to provide products that are both safe and dermatologically tested.

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  1. 05/09/2019


    prima oogschaduw

    heb 2 uur non-stop gehuild, oogschaduw zat erna nog goed :)
  2. 02/09/2019


    Fa il suo dovere

    Abbastanza pigmentato, dura tutto il giorno.
  3. 30/08/2019



    Lo compré en un tono 46 Matte Mauve y lo puedes también utilizar para contornear cuando viajas con poco espacio, modulando a capas la aplicación. Fabulosa la variedad de colores.
  4. 30/08/2019


    Colores preciosos

    Los colores son intensos y Durán bastante
  5. 30/08/2019



    Really very good eyeshadows, very pigmented.
  6. 30/08/2019


    Couleur au top

    J'adore cette couleur acidulée capable de rafraîchir le look
  7. 29/08/2019


    Alta pigmentación

    Tengo varios colores y me encantan, pigmentan muchísimo y tienen bastante duración a un precio increíble!!
  8. 27/08/2019


    Molto pigmentato

    Il colore è molto pieno e ha un'ottima durata anche senza primer.
  9. 25/08/2019



    super coprente e dalla texture accattivante
  10. 21/08/2019



    Il a une tres bonne tenue et la couleur est super jolie je le recommande surtout avec ce prix la ;)
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