A perfect manicure in just a few seconds. Absolute brilliance. Easy to apply, dries rapidly.

KIKO MILANO presents the new Smart Nail Lacquer nail polish line. 48 amazing shades and a format for a “smart” formula capable of fixing the colour in just a few seconds. The wide range of colours available means that the lacquer can be matched with your outfit each day, for a look that focuses on the tiniest details.

The components of the formula enhance the shine of the colour for an intense, radiant finish. The texture can be applied without foundation and has the ideal level of fluidity to ensure perfect control during application.

A modern design for the brand new pack with a see-through glass bottle and matte black cap with the KK logo impressed on the top. The maxi brush with a large number of bristles makes it easy to pick the lacquer up, gradually release it on to the nail and spread it evenly without streaks.