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KIKO MILANO presents the new fluid smoothing concealer with energising properties, perfect for masking imperfections, under-eye circles and small wrinkles, guaranteeing a flawless Nude Look!

Available in 9 shades, including 2 corrective shades, this product ensures effective coverage and a natural finish perfect for all skin types and complexions.

Discover a new makeup ritual with the Skin Tone Concealer and its innovative applicator: DIP, DOT, BLEND!

skin tone concealer beauty tips




With the innovative rotating applicator, discover a new makeup ritual: DIP, DOT, BLEND! 

Apply the product with precision by dabbing with the rounded tip to conceal imperfections, then blend it in by rolling the applicator or using your fingers.

Find the perfect corrective shade for you: Green to conceal redness and peach to even out under-eye circles.

Finish applying the product with your favourite shade to conceal small wrinkles and imperfections that show signs of fatigue. 

Sculpt your perfect look with the Skin Tone Concealer. Contour your eyes in 2 simple steps:

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    9 Tone
    02 Ivory
    Fluid smoothing concealer with natural finish
    02 Ivory

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