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New Ocean Feel

New Ocean Feel
Summer-proof beauty

From the endless reflections of the sun-kissed sea to the intense blue of the ocean depths: prepare yourself for a radiant summer with Ocean Feel, the new collection from KIKO MILANO. It’s designed to enhance your natural beauty with a complete range of makeup, skincare and accessories; like the waves that bathe the golden sands and make them glow, revealing all of their magic.

You’ll love it because:

🌊 these highly effective waterproof formulas are enriched with seaweed extracts and designed to hold even when temperatures rise

🌊 light, ultra-buildable textures, for personalised makeup

🌊 a blend of colours and finishes for all your desired looks, from energetic coral to azure blue or a pearly glow


  • 10 reviews
    8 Tone
    02 Medium Beige

    Matte finish Wet & Dry SPF 50 powder foundation

    02 Medium Beige
  • 15 reviews
    3 Tone
    01 Sun Kissed
  • 2 reviews

    Exfoliating body scrub with salt and softening oils

  • 21 reviews
    3 Tone
    01 Warm Honey
  • 6 reviews

    Eyeliner pen with innovative brush applicator

  • 7 reviews
    3 Tone
    01 Shape Of Blue
  • 2 reviews

    Face powder brush with synthetic bristles and mini pouch

  • 19 reviews
    8 Tone
    01 Ivory

    SPF 30 fluid foundation

    01 Ivory
  • 12 reviews
    2 Tone
    01 Golden Vibes
  • 3 reviews
    8 Tone
    01 Could Be Rose

    High-definition line and full shade lip pencil

    01 Could Be Rose

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