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Manicure nail polishes - Nail Care

An impeccable manicure that captures everyone’s attention. Professional products that protect the nails, enhancing their beauty.

Introducing the latest advancement from KIKO MILANO – Nail Care, a full range of cosmetic products for the nails enriched with kukui oil:


- Strengthener, a base coat that reinforces nails, making them stronger;

- BB, a perfecting and smoothing nail base coat with a satin finish;

- White Look, highlighting base coat that whitens nails;


- Fast & Shiny, a base and top coat with an extra-shiny finish;


- Gel Effect, a top coat that creates the look of a gel manicure;

- Matte Effect, a top coat that gives the nails an elegant matte look;


- First Step Nail Cleanser, a cleanser for removing oily and greasy residue from the nails;

- Color Refresher, liquid polish that easily fixes chipped nail polish;

- No More Biting, a nail polish with a bitter taste, ideal for discouraging nail biting;


- Intensive Nail Care Oil Pen, a nourishing oil pen for softening the cuticles;

- Nail & Cuticle Scrub Pen, an exfoliating treatment pen, suitable for the cuticles and the nail surface.

The entire line is dermatologically tested. The exclusive packaging includes a transparent glass bottle with a silver outer cap decorated on top with the KK logo.

The applicator has an ergonomic grip, making it easy to hold, while the flat brush packed with 1000 transparent bristles smoothly and precisely applies the product.




Kukui oil comes from Hawaii and is produced by cold-pressing the seeds of the Aleurites Moluccanus tree, a treasured natural source of seed oil.

For centuries, Hawaiians have used this oil as a skin moisturizer. The oil is rich in omega-3, has nutritive and protective properties and does not leave any oily traces.

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