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Neo Noir

Well-defined corners. Fluid, geometric shapes. A noir atmosphere in which white contrasts with black.

A dark velvet curtain opens to reveal a curvy, statuesque beauty. She is the star of Neo Noir, the latest KIKO MILANO limited-edition collection.

The make-up is defined and intense. Bold graphic looks are juxtaposed with sophisticated smoky eyes. The skin looks fresh and revitalized, suffused with a deep, pleasurable feeling.

A perfect base endows the complexion with exceptional smoothness. A beautifully sculpted face frames a pair of full, flawless lips. The eyes acquire volume and curves.

The collection’s packaging is the work of the futuristic designer Ross Lovegrove. The silhouettes evoke modern, sensual extravagance. The details recall an opulent stage curtain that opens, revealing KIKONESS at center stage: the essence of elegance, sensuality, femininity, breeziness and ease.


KIKONESS is the essence of KIKO seen through the eyes of the designer Ross Lovegrove and transferred into his creations.

The packaging’s design unites KIKO’s DNA with design, nature, art and technology in a series of characteristic components:

- elegant and geometric lines, inspired by the city skyline, creating a unique and instantly recognizable graphic silhouette;
- three-dimensional surfaces, created though the heights and depths carved into the packaging, for a new tactile experience;
- an original design, with clear references to the fluid, romantic and sensual rustle of black silk;
- the choice of colour used, with the sleek black packaging fully reflecting the collection theme;
- compact shapes, designed to make the products easy to use;
- the refined nature of the details, including the packaging’s materials and functional elements (e.g. the lipsticks snap open and close with ease due to their magnetic closure.

Lovegrove’s creations are miniature sculptures, designer items consecrated to make-up. The sculpted outline of a woman’s silhouette seems borrowed from buildings with a hyper-modern architectural style and then translated into items for everyday use. These products can be used everyday due to their functionality  but can also be shown off for their beauty and uniqueness.

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