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Long lasting make up


Hit the road with our high-performing lipsticks, foundations and concealers that last through the day. Bye bye touch-ups!

- High performing formulas clinically proven to last up to 24 hours

- Perfect shades for every skin tone (and pout!)

- Journey-proof products

- Variety of textures and formats for every occasion

- No need to reapply your makeup

  • 429 reviews
    25 Tone
    101 Soft Rose
    Long-lasting liquid lipstick with a bright finish in a two-step application
    101 Soft Rose
  • 203 reviews
    21 Tone
    01 Rosy Nude
    Long-lasting creamy lipstick with demi-matte finish
    01 Rosy Nude
  • 360 reviews
    9 Tone
    Lippenstift no-transfer, natürlicher Tattoo-Effekt und extrem langer Halt

    Product not available online

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  • 66 reviews

    Glättende Lippengrundierung: Verringert das Verschmieren von Lippenstiften, verlängert den Halt

    EUR 7,90

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  • 31 reviews

    Transparenter Lippenkonturenstift

    EUR 5,90

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  • 7 reviews

    Zweiphasen-Make-up-Entferner für Augen und Lippen im Handtaschenformat

    EUR 4,95

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  • Flacher Pinsel mit Synthetikborsten für die Lippen

    EUR 10,95

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  • 5 reviews

    Einziehbarer Lippenpinsel mit Synthetikborsten

    EUR 10,95

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  • 287 reviews
    17 Tone
    Cool Rose 20
    Flüssige Foundation mit langem Halt
    Cool Rose 20
    EUR 14,95

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  • 60 reviews
    14 Tone
    Cool Rose 20
    2-in-1-Foundation mit Concealer, hohe Deckkraft
    Cool Rose 20
    EUR 18,95

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