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Power Pro Nail Lacquer

Shiny. Super bright. Inspired by the coolest trends.

Presenting the ten new colours of Power Pro Nail Lacquer, the salon-quality nail polish that lasts for up to seven days*.

A light-filled autumn
Falling for light colours: delicate, versatile and bright. Need a few ideas? Creamy Cashmere is subtle and enveloping. Pearly Light Nude is perfect for a natural look with a bon ton feel.

Purple rules
A colour with a bold personality that never goes unobserved. Dark Aubergine is the new black for its endless mix and match possibilities. Pair it with a yellow outfit and you’ll be completely irresistible. Deep Purple Red is also a winner for those seeking a feminine, intriguing style.

Think pink
The colour pink, available in the Pearly Rose Camellia, Satin Lotus Pink and Waterlily Pink shades, is one of the stars of the new season, coming to life on the nails of those who adore fresh, ultra-chic manicures.

Elegant Lilac Grey
Sophisticated, elegant, never ordinary. Lilac Grey hovers in the middle between the two colours, the perfect match for  white, black or purple. Other possibilities? Choose yellow or coral red accessories for a modern, original style.

A bolt from the blue
Blue is the keyword: manicures, pedicures and eye make-up, which is elegant yet bold. The most fashionable shades this season are Cobalt Blue and Pearly Night Blue, two bold hues that create elegant, sophisticated make-up looks.

*Clinical and instrumental test conducted on 20 people

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