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Compact foundation

Your skin radiates and your complexion is flawless.

Two new ways to achieve a “no make-up” look. KIKO MILANO presents new Compact Foundations for a flawless complexion, no matter your skin type: Weightless Perfection, a smoothing pressed powder foundation with a matte finish and SPF 30, is ideal for normal to oily skin; and Nourishing Perfection, a moisturizing and illuminating creamy foundation with SPF 20, is best suited for normal to dry skin. Both provide sheer coverage for smooth skin with a natural look.

KIKO recommends using the Foundation Sponge 02, which comes in a set of two, for creamy and pressed powder foundations. Square shaped, the sponges fit perfectly in the Compact Foundation cases. Finally, to complete this product launch, KIKO presents the Soft Focus Concealer, a concealer pen that highlights various areas of the face while covering dark circles and fine lines.

  • 62 reviews
    12 Tone
    Cool Rose 15
    Moisturizing and illuminating creamy compact foundation with SPF 20
    Cool Rose 15
  • 101 reviews
    12 Tone
    Cool Rose 15
    Smoothing pressed powder foundation with a matte finish and SPF 30
    Cool Rose 15

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