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Fun. Playful. Colourful. 

KIKO MILANO presents Tropic Heat, the second capsule collection designed by the Leitmotiv brand founders, Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso.

The eclectic style of the designers characterizes the look of the products with floral and fruity decorations.
The sunny mood, scents and colours of the summer are revived in the make-up too: the pastel colours make reference to the shades of fruit, while the fruity fragrances that distinguish some of the products make the collection even more fun. The comfortable textures stimulate the senses for fresh and lightweight make-up. The make-up look is vivacious and intense.

In addition to the product packaging, Leitmotiv has also designed a clutch bag featuring a fun, springtime pattern. The collection also includes a refreshing eye mask, a true ally in the battle to relieve the symptoms of fatigue. 

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Tropic Heat has been designed by Leitmotiv brand creators Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro. We put a few questions to the two designers to discover a little more about them and their partnership with KIKO: 

Why did you choose to join forces with KIKO?
We decided to join forces with KIKO as it’s always great to be able to work with a brand that pursues Made in Italy know-how and individuality. Generally speaking, we're always really pleased to see these brands enjoying global success. Besides, KIKO, much like ourselves, caters to women, their beauty and why not their happiness as well.

What inspired you to create the KIKO collection?
The freshness and colours of the spring and summer seasons alongside their ambiance and vitality inspired our collection. We designed shapes and forms taken from the natural world. We wanted to express beauty, pleasure and vitality. All things that are firmly rooted in our brand’s DNA. We wanted to create something that captures the attention owing to its aesthetics.

How would you describe the style of your brand and how have you incorporated it into the design?
The main characteristic of our brand is our eclecticism. We like to play with colours and shapes. Our style is continually evolving.
With Tropic Heat, we wanted to create different aesthetic worlds that would allow women to enjoy themselves and express their femininity. We believe that our capsule collection provides the possibility to have fun and play with different roles and identities.

Can you tell us about your contribution to the collection? What exactly did you do?
We worked on the project with vivacity, energy and excitement. We wanted to communicate the freshness of summer colours and the flavor of tropical fruit through the diverse collection packaging.