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Shine Refine

Unclogs the pores and mattifies skin
Combination to oily skin requires both oil control and hydration.

Thanks to the Shine Refine products, the skin is smooth and even-looking with a matte finish. Salicylic acid and other active ingredients purify the skin and control excess oil production. The formulas also contain ActiGlow, a revolutionary cosmetic advancement that enhances the beauty of both the skin and make-up. The line consists of the following:

- Shine Refine Tonic, sebum-balancing toner that removes impurities;
- Shine Refine Day, sebum-balancing gel-cream that reduces excess oil and shine* and tightens enlarged pores*;
- Shine Refine Spot, anti-blemish spot treatment;
- Shine Refine Mask, purifying intensive mask with salicylic acid;
- Shine Refine Papers, blotting papers for quick, mattifying touch-ups.

The facial skin is naturally balanced all day and every day.

*Results of clinical and instrumental tests conducted on 20 women who used Shine Refine Day for 28 days

WHAT IS Actiglow?

WHAT IS Actiglow?

ACTIGLOW is a balanced blend of unique ingredients that have been tested in vitro. These are potent antioxidants that stimulate collagen production while soothing the skin.
Clinical tests conducted on products containing ACTIGLOW have shown that it enhances the beauty of both the skin and make-up. The result? Simply flawless-looking skin.


In vitro tests have shown that ACTIGLOW is capable of the following:
- improving the synthesis of collagen
- soothing
- acting as an antioxidant

Cosmetic products containing ActiGlow deliver a radiance, smoothness and firmness to the skin. Clinical tests show that the appearance of make-up improves.

Clinical and instrumental tests*, conducted on 1250 volunteers for a total of more than 5000 observations, have shown that the regular use of the products containing ActiGlow make the skin smoother and more uniform and even-looking. In the cases in which make-up is applied, the products help perfect and extend make-up wear.


*Tests conducted using the product twice a day with instrumental observations on the 14th and 28th days. Each product was tested at both performance and safety

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