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Shade Selection 03 Empty Eyeshadow Palette

Empty palette for holding three eyeshadows with mirror and applicator

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    Exclusive empty palette for holding three eyeshadows, featuring a built-in mirror, double-ended sponge applicator and magnetic closure that makes it easier to open and close. Functional and elegant, the palette is designed to hold up to three High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows of your choice. 

    The uniquely designed removable system features magnets that hold the eyeshadows securely in place. You can personalize your palette, mixing and matching the colours as you like. The design is minimalist and elegant with a cover embellished with the new KK logo. 

    The internal mirror and double-ended sponge applicator simplify eyeshadow application for a precise, professional-looking result in no time. The Shade Selection 03 palettes are stackable to keep your eyeshadows organized and close at hand. The shiny black palette has a semi-transparent top, which lets you see the eyeshadow colours inside.


    A refillable palette, perfect for personalizing your look. 

    The innovative removable system features magnets that guarantee that the interchangeable eyeshadows will stay in place, even when carried in your bag. You can mix and match the High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows and take them with you in the handy palettes, according to your needs. An innovative, convenient and elegant system.


    Use the Shade Selection 03 palette with the removable, magnet-based system for holding your favorite eyeshadow colours and creating endless colour combinations. It's practical for doing your eye make-up as well as for touch-ups.

    1 - Remove the eyeshadow from the single-shade compact by sticking the end of a paperclip in the hole in the back of the case.

    2 – Insert the eyeshadow into the empty palette in one of the three available spaces. The magnet on the bottom of the eyeshadow attaches to the magnet inside the palette.

    3 - The same palette can be used for endless colour combinations. Just remove any colours that you do not want in the palette and store them in the original single-shade compacts.


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  1. 12/09/2019



    Ideale x comporre la tua palette personalizzata
  2. 07/09/2019

    Marien Lozano

    Perfecto para el día a día

    Me encanta poder tener mi paleta de uso diario con los colores que más me gustan, muy práctico.
  3. 21/08/2019


    La mia palette preferita

    Mi piace molto, perché è personalizzabile con i miei ombretti preferiti, e per il sistema di ancoraggio a calamita che è davvero funzionale.Esteticamente poi, è elegantissima! Sto componendo la mia seconda palette, ma spero che aumentino nel tempo!
  4. 15/08/2019


    Genau was ich gesucht habe

    Hab eine Palette gesucht wo ich die Farben die ich brauche selbst aussuchen kann, diese hier ist perfekt. Habe 2 braun Töne und ein shimmer Ton, meine perfekte Kombi. Plus in der Palette ist ein Spiegel.
  5. 15/08/2019



    pratica e comodo da portare con se con i colori selezionati che usi di più
  6. 21/07/2019



    Perfecta para personalizar
  7. 10/07/2019



    Comoda, compatta, e utilissima in viaggio grazie allo specchio incorporato
  8. 05/07/2019


    Shade Selection Made Simple

    I just bought this to take with me for travel purposes. I’ve been using the High Pigment eyeshadows individually and this empty case is the most convenient way to mix and match colours! Genius! Now if only Kiko comes up with a 6 selection empty case, then the world of makeup would be perfect!
  9. 04/07/2019


    Excelente idea

    Es un accesorio muy práctico y versátil. También protege las sombras de ojos. Es muy útil.
  10. 21/06/2019



    Carino davvero come omaggio
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