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Smart Lipstick

Rich, nourishing lipstick

929 Fuchsia

929 Fuchsia


    Rich, nourishing lipstick. Full colour, total comfort.


    Dense, nourishing texture with an ultra-silky and immediate smooth-gliding quality. The extreme sensoriality and soft consistency enhance the application experience and the resulting feeling of comfort. Thanks to the large drop-shaped lipstick tip, the colour is easy to apply and immediately adheres to the lips, defining them with precision. The adaptable intensity of the colour allows for a careful control of the finish and an immediately intense, long-lasting coverage.

    The combination of cutting-edge ingredients in the formula makes the texture comfortable, velvety and emollient. The extremely radiant polymers guarantee a pure, radiant effect, while the delicate vanilla fragrance makes it pleasant to use.

    The design is simple and elegant in terms of colours and shapes. The ergonomic shape of the lid, with an upper hollow, facilitates pack closure.


    Available in 24 shades, from the most natural and delicate to the brightest and most intense, with 3 different finishes: full, satin and pearl.

    Dermatologically tested = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.


    Perfectly defined, soft and bright lips. Your smile is higlighted by full colour and its sensuality is enhanced. Lips stand out, dressed with a unique touch of style.

    For a more defined and cared-for look, it is important to outline the lip contour with the pencil that is most similar in colour to the lipstick.

    Every SMART LIPSTICK has a specific matching SMART LIP PENCIL. The combination has been developed to create a perfect match and transform simple lips into SMART LIPS.


    To increase hold, apply the lip pencil inside the lip contour too, blot with a tissue and apply the lipstick.

    For an even more controlled application, use a short brush with soft bristles. Pick up the colour gently from the stick and gradually apply it to the lips, starting from the center and moving outwards towards the corners.


  • Accessible beauty
    with products for every need, at a reasonable price

    Accessible beauty thanks to a wide variety of products available at reasonable prices: choose the best product for your needs amongst a vast range of colours and endless possibilities and effects.

  • A full colour life
    with infinite product shades

    Thousands of colours and highly blendable textures for a truly satisfying and sensory beauty experience.

  • Beauty Innovation
    with the discoveries of cosmetic research

    KIKO exploits the latest findings in cosmetic research to offer a line of unique, revolutionary products.

  • Security
    with dermatologically tested products

    All KIKO products are subjected to strict analytical and clinical trials to provide products that are both safe and dermatologically tested.

  • in-store service
    A true sensory experience

    Treat yourself to a sensory experience of well-being, satisfaction and fun. Be inspired by expert advice, dabble with delicate textures in thousands of colours, and test the vast range of products first hand.

Reviews (761)
Based on 57 votes
  1. 29/08/2018



    ¡Eso es genial! Textura y el resultado es perfecto. Estoy muy feliz
  2. 28/08/2018


    Хорошая питательная помада

    Обалденная помада, жаль сняли с производства
  3. 25/08/2018



    Buona tenuta e molto confortevole sulle labbra.
  4. 22/08/2018



    Si on m'avait dit que pour 1,90€ j'aurais eu un rouge à lèvres aussi performant je ne l'aurait pas cru, foncez, la couleur est géniale (rose éclatant) et l'application très simple. Je recommande !
  5. 21/08/2018

    Maria Pina


    Ottimo prodotto
  6. 14/08/2018



    Mooie lippenstift voor dit prijsje. Maar blijft helaas neit heel goed zitten
  7. 06/08/2018


    Buon Prodotto

    Buon prodotto e varietà di colori per qualunque occasione!
  8. 05/08/2018



    È molto pratico da utilizzare e il colore riesce a persistere anche per mezza giornata
  9. 04/08/2018


    Son mis la iales favoritos

    Me quedará algún tono por adquirir? Seguro que si!!! Son comodos y muy pigmentados
  10. 31/07/2018



    Queda perfecto el color y cobre todo
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