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Unlimited Double Touch

Long-lasting liquid lipstick with a bright finish in a two-step application

101 Soft Rose

101 Soft Rose


    Long-lasting liquid lipstick in a two-step application: first a colour base and then a lip gloss for an extraordinary combination with an intense, bright finish. The colour adheres well with a hold of up to eight hours*.

    Colour base: the enriched formula containing film-forming polymers feels wonderful, has excellent staying power and delivers uniform colour. The special transfer- and smudge-proof texture dries very quickly.

    Lip gloss: the soothing formula gives the lips a bright, shiny look.

    The product glides onto the lips easily and evenly.

    The double-ended, innovative packaging contains an applicator for each of the two products: the flocked-tip applicator precisely applies the colour base, whereas the lip gloss brush collects just the right amount of product. The elegant, functional design is particularly stylish due to the KK monogram in the center of the metal handle.

    Available in 24 amazing colours.

    Dermatologically tested.

    *Clinical test conducted on a sample of 20 women


    Bright, radiant finish. The lips feel soft and shine with bright colour. Hold of up to eight hours*.


    For perfect lips:

    1) Apply the colour base to cleansed, moisturized lips. Wait a minute to allow the liquid lipstick to dry completely.

    2) Apply the lip gloss on top of the colour base for an extra-shiny result.

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    Accessible beauty thanks to a wide variety of products available at reasonable prices: choose the best product for your needs amongst a vast range of colours and endless possibilities and effects.

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    Thousands of colours and highly blendable textures for a truly satisfying and sensory beauty experience.

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    KIKO exploits the latest findings in cosmetic research to offer a line of unique, revolutionary products.

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    All KIKO products are subjected to strict analytical and clinical trials to provide products that are both safe and dermatologically tested.

  • in-store service
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    Treat yourself to a sensory experience of well-being, satisfaction and fun. Be inspired by expert advice, dabble with delicate textures in thousands of colours, and test the vast range of products first hand.

Reviews (249)
Based on 29 votes
  1. 25/05/2018


    La tinta migliore.

    Per me, non c'è tinta labbra che tenga il confronto con Double Touch. Nonostante abbia di base labbra secche, questa tinta non crea il minimo fastidio quando applicata, soprattutto una volta stesa la parte lucida, diventa super confortevole. Durata pazzesca, circa otto ore ma scommetto che, se non si mangia mentre la si ha indosso, può durare anche di più. Ho mangiato varie volte pizza con indosso Double Touch ed è sempre rimasta intatta, al massimo si è leggermente sbiadita verso l'interno del labbro inferiore, ma niente che non possa essere riparato con un veloce ritocco. Il pennello rende l'applicazione precisa e permette di prelevare la giusta quantità di prodotto senza sprechi. Al momento possiedo il 107, 123 e 124, tutti impeccabili. Immancabili nella mia trousse!
  2. 23/05/2018



    mi piace molto
  3. 22/05/2018


    Prachtige lipgloss

    Deze lipgloss blijft echt de hele dag zitten, na eten en drinken zit het er nog steeds goed op, chapeau , deze doet wat ze beloven , love Kiko !!
  4. 21/05/2018



    Hace tiempo que buscaba un labial duradero y es este! Lo utilizo sin el brillo y supongo que por eso noto el labio mas seco aun asi lo recomiendo al 100%
  5. 20/05/2018


    Super tenue

    J'ai acheté les teintes 103,104,105,108, il tient super long!! ils sont tous très très jolis! je les porte tous les jours! même après le repas, il est toujours là!
  6. 18/05/2018



    I absolutely love this lipstick. When i first bought it in no. 124 i was not sure if i could wear it anywhere but then i bought a lighter shade in no. 118 and mixed the two shades to an ombre lip effect. Since then am in love with this lipsticks. The lip gloss is amazing and lasts too. My all time favourite lip wear.
  7. 14/05/2018


    Au top!

    Je ne mets plus que ces rouges à lèvres! J’en ai une dizaine ils sont super. Le sans transfert c’est l’ideal!!
  8. 06/05/2018


    Muy bueno

    Muy bonito, acabado perfecto!
  9. 28/04/2018



    Le rendu est parfait ! J'ai acheté le 122 bordeaux magnifique ! Tiens toute la journée !
  10. 23/04/2018



    J'ai acheté le 124 rouge noir, franchement il est juste canon. Il reste toute la journée, cette gamme est l'une de mes indispensables de chez kiko !!
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