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Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick

Bold, creamy lipstick

104 Vintage Rose

104 Vintage Rose


    Creamy lipstick in bold colours with a shiny finish. The formula contains orchid extracts and hyaluronic filling spheres. 

    The smooth, supple texture combined with the intense, bright colours create a sensuous smile. The lipstick glides on easily, leaving the lips silky soft. 

    Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick comes in a new, modern tube with a metallic finish. This lipstick's distinguishing characteristic is the unique button at the top of the cap.

    Available in 30 rich, shiny and metallic colours.


    Dermatologically tested.



    The lips are full and sensuous. The bright colour accentuates your smile.


    Outline the lip contour with Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in the colour that is closest to your selected lipstick. Apply Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick, starting from the centre of your lips and moving to the corners of your mouth. 

    For an even more controlled and professional-appearing application, use Lips Brush 300. Collect a little colour and apply it gradually onto your lips.


    Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick


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Reviews (173)
Based on 20 votes
  1. 04/01/2018


    Perfect and low price

    Its very long lasting, Im pretty surprised, btw good job.
  2. 06/03/2017



    Ho acquistato i numeri 106, 110, 112 e 128 (ognuno con la propria matita labbra). Colore pieno, stesura facile ed omogeneo, confortevole, buona durata. Sono molto soddisfatta dei miei acquisti, soprattutto del 110 che è il mio preferito.
  3. 01/02/2017


    Rouge à lèvres

    Ce rouge à lèvres tient très bien.
  4. 30/01/2017


    Just Perfect !

    Le meilleur rouge à lèvres de tous les temps ! Bonne pigmentation, application super agréable, tenue parfaite ! Les couleurs sont magnifiques ! Même mon Chéri valide à 100%, lui qui n'aime pas que j'en mette habituellement :) Je recommande sans soucis !
  5. 25/01/2017



    Abbinati alle matite hanno una durata eccezionale! Meglio di alcune tinte labbra e i colori sono bellissimi.
  6. 24/01/2017


    Mes RAL favoris

    Je suis fan de ces RAL la pigmentation est superbe, la tenue est très bonne perso je ne fais que 1 retouche après avoir manger et les couleurs sont dingue (gros coups de coeur pour le 105 et 107)
  7. 20/01/2017



    Ce rouge a lèvre est exceptionnel!! Les couleurs sont vraiment belle, très facile d'application. J'ai presque toute la collection !! Alors MERCI KIKO!!
  8. 27/12/2016


    I LOVE IT! But I can't find it anywhere now?

    Whatever happened to this lipstick! It's the best EVER and I can't find it anywhere now? Has it been discontinued??
  9. 02/12/2016


    Не понравилась

    Помада номер 102, на губах смотрится хорошо, но чувствуешь ее постоянно. Не комфортно. Жалею что купила.
  10. 20/11/2016

    Océane Jade

    Ultra top !

    Génial, un de mes meilleurs Rouges à lèvres je l'ai pris en trois teintes 127, 112 et 106. C'est une merveille, couleur extrêmement intense et tenue assez longue. Je recommande !
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