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Quick Dry Nail Lacquer

Quick dry nail polish


    Quick dry nail polish. Fast and easy to apply, Quick Dry's special formula enriched with ingredients that enable colour to set quickly revolutionizes drying time. The first layer dries in less than 60 seconds*. The formula contains a high percentage of pigment for an instant colour effect and its ingredients also accentuate the brightness of the colour and. When dry, the polish has an intense and  shiny finish. Thanks to its large flat brush with extra bristles, application is quick and easy. Nail polish glides smoothly and evenly onto nails without leaving streaks.


    Quick Dry's formula does not contain added aggressive ingredients. 


    Size: 10 ml


    *Figure supported by 70% of women during product trials


    Quick Dry Nail Lacquer is a 5-free nail polish: it is formulated without adding harsh ingredients such as Toluene, Camphor, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin and Formaldehyde


    Instant polish. With fast, quick dry application, nails are enveloped in vibrant colour in no time at all, their entire surfaces coated with an even, streak-free layer of polish.  By choosing an available colour, nails can match the rest of your outfit daily, creating a look that's perfect down to the last detail.


    1. Apply a base coat to protect the nails and to help the polish adhere more easily. Let it dry.
    2. Apply two coats of the chosen nail polish, allowing the first coat to dry before reapplying. 
    3. Apply a top coat to seal the colour and add shine for a long-lasting manicure.
    Coloured nail polish should be applied only on healthy nails. If the nails are weak or flaky, it is advisable to treat them first with a nail strengthener.

    To help the nail polish dry and set quickly, use Nail Polish Drying Drops or spray on Nail Polish Fixer about a minute after application.

    To quickly and easily remove polish, use a dip and twist remover from the Nail Polish Remover Fast&Easy line or a liquid solvent from the Nail Polish Remover line.


    The flat brush ensures perfect coverage without smudging.

    The length, flexibility and density of the bristles allow the perfect quantity of polish to be laid evenly on your ’nails.


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  1. 27/08/2018



    Color super elegamte y dura mucho, me ha encantado
  2. 26/08/2018



    Si asciuga velocemente, belle tonalità. Lo consiglio
  3. 25/08/2018


    Buon prodotto

    Applicazione facile, prodotto fluido, necessita di due passate per un buon risultato. Il color mela è stupendo.
  4. 23/08/2018



    colore bellissimo. giusto rapporto qualità prezzo
  5. 23/08/2018


    smalti per chi non ha tempo

    asciugano davvero in frettissima, di contro la tenuta non è il massimo... si risolve con una seconda passata
  6. 22/08/2018


    Colori vivaci

    Ottimi colori, ottima stesura. Avrei preferito una durata superiore, penso però dipenda da quando usiamo le nostre mani.
  7. 21/08/2018


    846 Rosso metallico

    Ho provato solo questo colore, davvero fantastico anche se più che metallico sembra brillantinato.. tuttavia la tenuta è davvero minima .. a volte si rovina anche il giorno stesso dell'applicazione, per cui consiglio assolutamente un top coat.
  8. 21/08/2018

    maria josé

    me encantan!

    son geniales, alta calidad
  9. 21/08/2018



    adoro come si asciughi in fretta
  10. 19/08/2018


    Calidad precio

    Los tonos son muy bonitos y el esmalte dura su tiempo, buena calidad
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