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Nail Lacquer

Pure colour nail polish. Strengthening and hardening.

203 French White For Tips

203 French White For Tips


    Nail polish with hardening and strengthening action.


    The gel texture gives an extreme lacquered shine and an ideal level of fluidity for perfect control and great ease of application.

    Special resins facilitate ’adherence of the pigments to the ’nail, creating a strong, elastic layer which, thanks to the long wear active ingredients, heightens durability and the brilliance of the colour.

    Citral, a natural active ingredient with strengthening and hardening properties, seals and protects the nails creating an unscratchable armor of light.


    Full colours - pearly, metallic, with flame, glitter and micro-glitter: whatever the’ desired effect, the result will always be beyond your expectations.

    Each shade is calibrated with the highest precision to optimize the coverage and yield of the pigments.

    Nail Lacquer has no abrasive ingredients like Toluene, Camphor, DBP and Formaldehyde.


    Without streaks, the colour reveals all of its intensity and purity from the very first coat.

    The lacquer dries in a few moments and remains unchanged over time.


    1. Apply a base coat to protect the nails and to help the polish adhere more easily. Let it dry.
    2. Apply two coats of the chosen nail polish, allowing the first coat to dry before reapplying. 
    3. Apply a top coat to seal the colour and add shine for a long-lasting manicure.
    Coloured nail polish should be applied only on healthy nails. If the nails are weak or flaky, it is advisable to treat them first with a nail strengthener.

    To help the nail polish dry and set quickly, use Nail Polish Drying Drops or spray on Nail Polish Fixer about a minute after application.

    To quickly and easily remove polish, use a dip and twist remover from the Nail Polish Remover Fast&Easy line or a liquid solvent from the Nail Polish Remover line.


    The flat brush ensures perfect coverage without smudging.

    The length, flexibility and density of the bristles allow the perfect quantity of polish to be laid evenly on your ’nails.


  • Accessible beauty
    with products for every need, at a reasonable price

    Accessible beauty thanks to a wide variety of products available at reasonable prices: choose the best product for your needs amongst a vast range of colours and endless possibilities and effects.

  • A full colour life
    with infinite product shades

    Thousands of colours and highly blendable textures for a truly satisfying and sensory beauty experience.

  • Beauty Innovation
    with the discoveries of cosmetic research

    KIKO exploits the latest findings in cosmetic research to offer a line of unique, revolutionary products.

  • Security
    with dermatologically tested products

    All KIKO products are subjected to strict analytical and clinical trials to provide products that are both safe and dermatologically tested.

  • in-store service
    A true sensory experience

    Treat yourself to a sensory experience of well-being, satisfaction and fun. Be inspired by expert advice, dabble with delicate textures in thousands of colours, and test the vast range of products first hand.

  1. 19/12/2018


    Love all of them

    I used them for so long time. Still the best I tried. Great colors and textures.
  2. 07/12/2018


    A family favorite

    My mum got me hooked on these nail varnishes and I’ve just purchased every shade! They apply so well and don’t leave any streaky marks
  3. 12/11/2018



    Tengo muchos colores y son todos preciosos. Duran bastante y se secan rápido.
  4. 04/09/2018



    I've bought so many shades of nail varnish from Kiko and I never have a bad word to say about them- love them!
  5. 01/09/2018


    Good polishes but inconsistent at times

    I love these polishes and own too many for my own good! The ones I've tried so far are easy to apply and are usually thick, but with at least one polish bottle I've tried the polish is thin, so my nails would need more than 3 coats for the colour to show up as fully opaque. Other than that the polishes are long lasting and very pigmented.
  6. 28/08/2018


    Génial !

    Je suis fan ! Des couleurs magnifiques et une tenue parfaite ! J'adore
  7. 28/08/2018



    Colores preciosos, muy fácil de aplicar y secan bastante rápido. Estoy encantada con todos los colores que tengo.
  8. 27/08/2018



    Très belle couleur bonne tenue et bonne qualité de vernis
  9. 27/08/2018


    Colori super

    Mi trovo benissimo, mai più senza
  10. 27/08/2018


    Superbe vernis

    J'adore les couleurs
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