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Skin Tone Concealer

Fluid smoothing concealer with natural finish

01 Green

01 Green


    Fluid smoothing concealer with natural finish: Use every day for flawless makeup.

    The new fluid formula blends perfectly and camouflages imperfections and under-eye circles, offering medium coverage. Guarantees a no-makeup makeup look.

    The product is easy to apply and blend thanks to the new rotating applicator: Apply the product with the tip and spread it with ease.

    Available in 9 colour shades, including 2 corrective shades (green and peach), suitable for all skin types and complexions.


    Offers effective coverage for imperfections and under-eye circles, camouflaging even the slightest wrinkle. Skin appears flawless.


    With the innovative rotating applicator, discover a new makeup ritual: DIP, DOT, BLEND!

    Apply the product with precision by dabbing with the rounded tip to conceal imperfections, then blend it in by rolling the applicator or using your fingers.

    Find the perfect corrective shade for you: Green to conceal redness and peach to even out under-eye circles.

    Finish applying the product with your favourite shade to conceal small wrinkles and imperfections that show signs of fatigue.


    Skin Tone Concealer


    Sculpt your perfect look with the Skin Tone Concealer. Contour your eyes in 2 simple steps:

    1. Using the rounded tip of the applicator, apply a lighter shade by dabbing it along your eyelids and underneath your eyebrow arches, then blend using the FACE 01 Concealer Brush.

    Skin Tone Concealer

    2. With the rounded tip of the applicator, apply a darker shade to the outer corner of your eye. With the concealer applicator, blend the product toward the inner corner of your eye and along the eye crease.

    Skin Tone Concealer

    Skin Tone Concealer


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Reviews (19)
Based on 5 votes
  1. 25/05/2018


    Skin Tone 01

    Elimina il rossore ed ha una buona durata, insieme al Full Coverage Concealer aiuta tantissimo a coprire le mie occhiaie!
  2. 23/05/2018


    Anticerne fini naturel

    Anti cerne plus tot bien il cache de taches noire mai il ne cache pas le cerne surtout que je de cerne noir. Comme ça dit fini naturel
  3. 12/05/2018



    Bon rapport qualité prix pour ce correcteur. Couvrance naturelle. Tube petit pratique pour voyager.
  4. 01/05/2018



    Vraiment bien sans effet masque.
  5. 21/04/2018



    Ca cache bien les petites imperfections, et on ne les voit presque plus. Vraiment ce produit a pu me sauver la vie quelques fois
  6. 09/04/2018


    Concealer 03 Light Beige

    Je l'utilise depuis quelques années maintenant, il cache bien mes cernes prononcées sans laisser un effet grisâtre (déjà expérimenté avec le produit d'une autre marque...). Seul problème, la contenance, il se termine beaucoup trop rapidement à mon avis, donc ça ne me dérangerais pas de payer plus cher pour qu'il me dure plus longtemps :)
  7. 07/04/2018


    Yes !

    Idéal pour camoufler les rougeurs
  8. 25/03/2018


    Valido prodotto,ma poca quantità

    Correttore anti-rossore molto buono, ad alta coprenza, peccato che si sia subito seccato e sia durato poco.
  9. 26/02/2018



    Il prodotto è stato un vero affare! ♥️
  10. 22/02/2018



    ottime colorazioni, ottima coprenza... mi aspettavo solo che il prodotto durasse di più
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