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Smart Contouring Palette

Bronzer and highlighter palette for contouring the face

01 Very Light To Light

01 Very Light To Light


    Bronzer and highlighter palette for contouring the face in two simple steps. 

    A soft texture that builds and blends easily for looks ranging from natural to intense. A practical, comfortable application for an instant colour payoff.

    The bronzer can be used to contour at the hollow of the cheeks, at the sides of the nose and in the middle of the neckline. The highlighter adds light to the face, accentuating your best features. 

    Available in three colour shades.

    Dermatologically tested.


    A good balance between dark and light enhances the features, bringing out the best ones and helping to conceal problem spots. With delicate accents of light and colour, the face is sculpted and looks more proportional.



    Using a powder brush, such as the Face 09 Powder Brush, move it in circles on the compact to collect the product. 

    Apply the bronzer by tracing a "3" along the contours of the face: move the brush from the middle of the forehead toward the temples, across to the cheekbones and then out to the jawline before arriving and blending the bronzer onto the neck. Repeat the application on the other half of the face. 

    To complete the contouring, apply the bronzer along the base of the cheekbones, over the nostrils and on the top of the forehead. 


    The highlighter can be applied to the highest part of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the chin and the forehead.

  • PACK

    The practical palette is compact and sports a mirror inside, perfect for taking with you everywhere for quick touch-ups during the day.


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Reviews (5)
Based on 4 votes
  1. 10/03/2018


    Bon produit

    Le bronzer est partfait! Pas orange, matte j’adore ! L’hilight est très beau, pas très voyant mais il est du coup discret! Très bon produit
  2. 08/03/2018


    Perfetto per le zone d'ombra e di luce

    A fine dicembre ho comprato questa palette, mi trovo davvero bene come con tutti i prodotti Kiko. il finish è giusto sia per chi vuole coprire tanto sia per chi, come me, cerca la via giusta per le zone d'ombra. Devo dire la verità questo brand non mi delude mai! questa palette è perfetta per chi ha delle zone da coprire e delle zone per illuminare. L'effetto è garantito. Consigliatissima!!!!!
  3. 08/01/2018



    Kit molto compatto. La terra è perfetta, si stende molto bene ed è facile da sfumare. L'illuminante, anche se medio, è più chiaro che rosato, alla fine resta solo l'effetto brillantini. Avrei preferito, visto l'uso che ne faccio, un po' più di terra e un po' meno illuminante (75%- 25%) invece che 50 e 50, ma anche così va bene. :)
  4. 06/01/2018


    I recomend it!

    Very good product!!
  5. 08/10/2017


    Zachte contouren....

    Deze set zorgt voor zachte contouren, heel natuurlijk, voor sterkere contouren is het verstandig de meest donkere versie te nemen of een losse bronzer erbij..
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