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Smart Colour Eyepencil

Coloured eye pencil for the waterline and lash line

01 Pearly Gold

01 Pearly Gold


    Coloured eye pencil for the waterline and lash line that delivers a precise, uniform line of intense colour.

    The pencil’s bright colour draws on without a problem. The soft, smooth-gliding texture applies perfectly on the upper and lower lash line and waterline.

    Choose from 16 colours available in three different finishes: matte, pearl and metallic.

    Ophthalmologically tested.


    The colour is intense and bold. The pencil's precise line enhances the eye's shape.


    Apply to the waterline and/or lash line until you obtain the desired colour intensity. Blend the line using a brush, such as Eyes 203, to achieve your desired look.


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Reviews (17)
Based on 3 votes
  1. 11/05/2018

    Liz JrR

    Excellent Eye Pencil

    I bought this with the promise of the colour remaining on the waterline as well as the lash line ... the promises are true. The golden colour is perfect to give my eyes a wide awake look all day long. I would definitely recommend this eye pencil
  2. 18/04/2018



    Ce crayon tient moyennement bien, mais les couleurs sont belles. Il est facile à estomper et à appliquer même s'il manque un peu de gras (il ne glisse pas). Cependant pour 2.50...c'est déjà vraiment bien !
  3. 24/03/2018


    ottimo prodotto

    eccellente rapporto qualità/prezzo
  4. 12/02/2018


    buona matita occhi

    acquistate 5 colori vari per mia figlia si trova molto bene...... acquistate in saldo quindi perfette
  5. 06/01/2018



    Utilizzo la numero 16 ormai da anni e mi trovo davvero bene, è un colore stupendo, metallico. Ottimo per l' interno ed esterno occhi. Rapporto qualità prezzo davvero grandiosa, la consiglio
  6. 24/12/2017


    Sehr gut

    Tolle Farben, hält sehr lange.
  7. 25/08/2017


    Goede aanwinst!

    Fijn potlood, met niet zo'n heel zachte stift , doch wel heel okay, (anders loopt deze snel uit), mooi voor de "straight up techniek om eerst , rondom het oog te tekenen en daarna te blenden. Ben er blij mee!
  8. 10/07/2017


    Отличный карандаш!

    Искала самый простой карандаш, не черный, так как у меня глаза светло-карие, волосы тоже не темные (с черными глазами бровей практически не видно становится :))) ) Приятно удивил выбор цветов. Купила карандаш оттенка 05, прекрасно наносится, цвет отличный, держится хорошо! Цена более чем адекватная! Мне понравилось по всем параметрам. Оценка 10 баллов.
  9. 16/06/2017



    Possiedo un paio di queste matite e sono tutte molto facili da sfumare anche nel caso le si volesse usare come base per gli ombretti, ma allo stesso tempo sono anche molto valide utilizzate da sole.
  10. 21/01/2017

    francesca pia

    matita 04

    numero 04, veramente valida, la uso anche come base per gli ombretti, morbida al punto giusto, colore pieno sia interna che esterna
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